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19/10/2019 - MAN´S GREAT EVIL

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For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. 1 Timothy 6:7

Nothing can be compared to the gain that godliness and respect for the affairs of God give us. The race for enrichment at any cost has taken over many servants of the Lord, but it must be stopped. Otherwise, they will submerge in ruin. Satan, who tempted the Master in the wilderness (Luke 4: 13-13), still tempts us, insisting that we prostrate before him and worship him.

We must value this great gain, which empowers us to take possession of the revelations of the Word, and not seek that which will never satisfy us. The devil’s offers never bring happiness, but in Jesus man is complete. Unfortunately, many seek material things and are under the rule of darkness. They were reduced to slaves of the evil one, when they could be servants of God.

Since we have brought nothing into this world, we cannot take anything to the other side, after we die. However, it is worth mentioning: salvation by faith in Christ is the good that will not be taken away from us. Moreover, whoever has been washed and cleansed by the precious blood of Jesus knows: on the other side, the Lord will be waiting for them, and He will remain next to them forever and ever.

It is important to have food and clothing to be content (v.8) and not be found without authority during the daily battles. The garment of power given to us in salvation will never be taken. We have the necessary anointing to do the Father´s will and be ready at the coming of the Master. From the world we will take nothing, but the anointing received in the baptism in the Spirit will accompany us forever.

Our joy is to know that God has clothed us in authority, and in this way we can represent Him in any favorable or adverse situation. Why do we desire the riches of this world if we have the greater good capable of solving all problems? You must know your rights in Christ; thus, you will live satisfied.

If there was anything else necessary to fulfill the purpose of the Most High, He would certainly have told us. We need to know what He has given us; after all, having knowledge of it, we will be complete. But whoever lives apart from God will be deprived of experiencing how good and powerful He is. Do not let the craving for material wealth deceive you.

Living happily with what the Word says belongs to you will make you victor over all temptation. The enemy wishes to make you an unhappy person, who does not know your inheritance in Christ and agrees to exchange the divine blessing for the false offer of the tempter. We already have everything in Jesus, our Shepherd; therefore, we lack nothing (Psalm 23: 1)!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Good! As we understand and live Your Word, we will have everything in You. Now, we want to enjoy Your gifts, living piously and with contentment. What You have given us in Christ is enough for us!

Our departure from Earth will be like our entrance into the world: as we have brought nothing, we will take nothing. We do not want to worry about anything, but only fulfill Your teachings. In You, we will be fulfilled!

Your covering given to us in the baptism in the Holy Spirit is the fuel to be found dressed in a worthy manner, with power to rebuke the attacks of the enemy. We are satisfied with what we possess and are!


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