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For His disciples had gone away into the city to buy food. John 4:8

Jesus’ disciples were not yet born again, nor saved in the full sense of the word. Therefore, the Lord told Peter that when he converted, he should confirm “strengthen” his brothers (Luke 22:32). Similarly, we can say that large numbers of today´s church members around the world are not yet completely of God; if they were, they would resist not to fall into sin. We must watch and pray!

Judas Iscariot is the clearest example of those who walked away from conversion. Being the treasurer of Jesus´ mission, he had the money bag with him and occasionally stole some money to satisfy his carnal desires. Then came the day when they offered him a large sum – thirty silver coins – to deliver the Master. Judas did not think twice and corrupted himself, but then, repented and hanged himself with a rope (Matthew 27: 1-5). He chose the sad fate!

Paul quotes some who helped him in the work, but heeded to temptation and harmed him greatly. There was Alexander the coppersmith who caused him great harm, and therefore would receive punishment from God for his act (2 Timothy 4:14). Another Alexander and Hymenaeus also caused the apostle many pains, and were handed over to Satan to learn not to blaspheme (1 Timothy 1:20). These poor lives had a devastating future!

The devil prowls the weak, for they have no self-control, nor do they exercise the authority bestowed upon them against the evil one. Thus, they become easy prey in the clutches of the enemy. In billions of years, they will still be in torment. Why do they act like this? Why do they allow themselves to be dominated by those who do not fear the Lord, rebelling against true wisdom?

The disciples of Christ had much to learn, but when they arrived at Jacob’s well, they left the Master alone and went out to buy food. No doubt they missed the great opportunity to learn something they would need later. However, some may think, “Did Jesus have more to teach them?” Self-sufficiency dominates many, and because of this, these people lose. The disciples, for example, missed details of the lesson given there by the Savior!

Those who do not understand God’s plan ignore the fact that the material fights against the spiritual. He who does not watch when temptation comes or when he has to solve a problem loses his chance to do the Lord’s will, nor does he realize that God has brought him to that place to be used. It is good to be like the prophet Elisha, who did not turn away from Elijah, for he sensed that his moment to gain the double portion of God’s power was near (2 Kings 2: 9).

The recommendation is to watch and pray, not to be tempted. There are neither favorite nor neglected in the divine work, so we must choose to be with Him. Christ knows how to act towards those who persevere to the end. It doesn’t matter if your prayers have not been answered; at the right time, the answer will come. The Omniscient never answers before the right moment!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, wise Teacher! We must do Your will! You are good and You will never forsake those who trust you. If You are not responding, then something is missing from us.

We will trust in You, even though the night seems endless and full of seemingly invincible evils. You will remain with us. We will not seek the help of man; after all, by the virtue of Your Spirit we will come out of temptation.

You bring us into the wilderness to be tempted, but by the virtue of Your Spirit we will return to fulfill our mission. We want to see and partake of Your glory. Thus, we will be useful in Your hands. Show us Your light!


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