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I will also meditate on all Your work, And talk of Your deeds.   Psalm 77:12

People have the habit of deifying the servants of the Lord of the past, as if they were responsible for the wonders performed by God in their days. In fact, the Most High granted them certain virtues as they believed and will also extend them to us. Now, those who think that because they gave good examples in the past, should be worshiped or glorified, are wrong. Divine love guided them to do the right thing, just as it is with us today. They believed!

The more we know about God’s work in people’s lives, the better we will understand His work on our behalf. The blessing received from His hands is the fulfillment of the promises found in the Scriptures. Therefore, reflecting on this will help us to believe in order to receive deliverance from an evil. The Lord heals through the faith of those who listen to Him, by the healing gifts of the Spirit, and by His own decision.

Asaph understood the importance of meditating on God’s works, and this was fundamental for him to obtain solutions to his problems. We are not perfect, so we face difficulties in all areas of our lives, from the temptations that come our way (Jesus was tempted in everything – Hebrews 4:15) to the weaknesses within us. It is necessary to think about what God does; then we will be successful.

The psalmist also felt that he should speak of the Lord’s deeds, for this would increase his faith. Now, when adversity comes, our faith must be greater than it. Otherwise, we will not get rid of the oppressions. It is right to open your heart before God and talk to Him about what is going on with you. Those who do not pray fall into snares and temptations. We must go to the end in order to find rest (Daniel 12:13). Believe!

David reported his struggle not to speak while the wicked stood before him. However, the silence made him mute, holding his peace even about what was good (Psalm 39:1.2). You see, we will do right with the Holy Spirit´s guidance, but by making decisions coming from our mind, we will do foolish things. Then, when we open our eyes, our pain will be aggravated. Why walk by ourselves, if we are like blind men? Whoever takes on God always wins!

David saw his pain increasing, but he didn’t stand still; he began to meditate, saw how he should act, and described what happened within himself: My heart was hot within me; while I was musing, the fire burned. Then I spoke with my tongue…(Psalm 39:3). It is good to turn to the Scriptures until your heart is on fire. Then you will speak words that will change your situation for the better. He is faithful!

Without a doubt, we must open up and speak as it pleases the Lord. If we don’t do this, our affliction will increase. Failing to spend hours in God’s presence, without reading and meditating on the Word, or praying until emotion takes over inside us, makes the promises seem like they are not for us. However, when we are good with all that God teaches in the Scriptures, we overcome the battles. What will you do?

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, who works in our days! It is You we need, not the vain philosophies preached from pulpits. We have to stand at the Tribune of Faith, so that we don't remain mute and see the enemy taking over us, destroying our dreams, and enslaving us!

Help us! If we walk in the emptiness, we will never reach the place You have determined for our lives, and we will be left with frustration and sin. Your love is better than the devil's vain offerings. Help us!

Thank You because You love us, You help us to meditate, and instruct us to act in the right way. We want to be Your disciples, abiding in Your Word. Then we will know the Truth, which will set us free. We trust in You and will do Your will!


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