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19/06/2020 - MISSING GOD´S BEST

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The law of truth was in his mouth, And injustice was not found on his lips. He walked with Me in peace and equity, And turned many away from iniquity. Malachi 2:6

By becoming kings and priests to the Most High (Rev. 1.6), Jesus did the best for us. After all, He bought us with His blood as He gave Himself on the cross of Calvary. These days we have studied what fits us as priests of the eternal God. When we understand this and faithfully use our prerogatives, we will succeed in everything. To him be glory!

Because we do not search the Scriptures, we do not advance in the attainment of the blessings already bestowed upon us. The problem is not only their loss, but also the accountability to God for wasting our lives on vain things. The Father has prepared us to fulfill a noble mission on earth, and there is no more time to throw away what the Most High has for us. The Lord is our strength day and night. Let’s enjoy it now!

However desirous man is, if he does not examine in his Word what belongs to him, he will not progress in the conquests of Jesus and be similar to the religious. There is a difference between us and them: we will go to Heaven. However, if you talk to any of them, you will see that they will not say so. Mercy!

While the tribe of Levi exercised their priestly activity, the Law of Truth was in their mouths. This is very strong, because this Law freed the captive, healed the oppressed, and did what the Father had programmed. With that power in your tongue, you will become like Moses when you were the shepherd of Israel; like David in the wars, or like any of the heroes of the faith. The key is to learn what the Holy Bible says about you and really believe it.

To obey God’s purpose, the Levites sanctified themselves to such an extent that no iniquity was found in their lips. It would be nice if that could be said about us. Now we can praise the Lord in advance, because He has promised us that. We are harmed when we fail to examine the Father’s statements about us. Believe it, and your life will change for the better!

How about walking in peace and righteousness with God? It’s time to start winning! We fail to enjoy the blessings of not walking with the Lord in righteousness and peace. But if there is no condemnation in our record, we are able to move from the sick to the healed, from someone without the knowledge of the High to knowing the divine purposes, who will say, “These are after the heart of God.” 13.22).

Our mission is to separate many of their transgressions by leading them to walk with the Most High and the good people. Many await the moment when you will rise to take your place in Christ. Then, at a moment’s notice, you will become the son at His will. Live serving God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord second to none and wonderful! What a blessing you have prepared for us by giving us the Law of Truth! We no longer have to suffer at the hands of evil spirits, but live in Your hands. We want to fulfill Your beautiful plan written and fulfilled. Help us, beloved God!

It is good to know that we can come into Thy presence, for since the forgiveness of our soul there is no more iniquity in our mouth. Now we are the righteousness of the Lord in Christ; therefore our soul rejoices, sings of happiness and leaps with joy for what you have done for us!

We want to walk in peace with the Lord and in righteousness. We will not allow Satan to dictate the infernal norms to corrupt our generation. On the contrary, we are those to whom you have given power to bind Satan, heal the sick, and lead the people to Your holy and good presence!


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