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And Moses said to the people, “Do not be afraid. Stand still, and see the salvation of the Lord, which He will accomplish for you today. For the Egyptians whom you see today, you shall see again no more forever. Exodus 14.13

Moses heard the Lord’s instructions. He was accustomed to being used by God, so he boldly spoke to the Israelites about what would happen if they were obedient. Each point of instruction came from the Heavens; therefore, the chance that anything would go wrong was zero. They understood: they had to march towards that open sea in front of them, believing that they would reach the other side.

This is God´s first command: Do not be afraid. Although it was dangerous to cross the valley that arose between the two walls of water, made by the east wind that blew every night, nothing would happen to them, because the Word of the Lord guaranteed that. During the most difficult moments of life, the key is to trust God. Even though everything implies that nothing can be done, the divine hand will sustain whoever believes in Him. 

The second command was: Stand still. The Israelites could not talk to each other or comment that they were afraid. Faith in the Lord leaves no doubts in your heart. So be certain that the One who has promised you is powerful to fulfill His Word. Humanly speaking, the journey to the exodus was only a matter of trust. And we must also calm down and believe!

Now, the third instruction: See the salvation of the LORD. After all, by cooperating with Him, everything would work out for the holy people. Our part in God’s plan is small, but necessary. We do not have to know how He heals the blind, the paralytic or another ill person. But if we believe in Him, we will see the work done right before our eyes.

There was a right time for that wonder to occur: that very day. God was ahead of His people; therefore no Egyptian soldier would harm any Israelite, be it an old man or a child. Everything works as the Lord plans. Man has not yet discovered how that wind separated the sea and kept the two walls of water standing during the course of Jacob´s descendants to the other side.

After this event, they would never again see those Egyptians. There will come a day when God’s patience will come to an end against those who seek to destroy His work. But until that day comes, we must continue walking and believing. However, it is certain that the enemies will be crossed out of life. When we finish the work, we will not see again those who harmed it.

Moses’ reply to the despair of the Israelites was all they needed. The Most High gave them victory over those who sought to destroy them. Likewise, nothing will defeat you if you follow the Lord’s guidance in His Word.

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Among the Names given to You in the Scriptures, we find that You are also the God of our deliverance. Therefore, You will always deliver Your people with Your power. We are grateful that You are our Protector!

On that day, when they were facing the Red Sea, everything seemed hopeless. But since Your love sustains Your children, You produced a phenomenal way of delivering Your people. Likewise, You help us when we are being threatened. 

Pharaoh was certain that the Hebrews would be annihilated. For him, that situation would be settled the way he had planned. But he forgot one thing: everything was in accordance to Your plans, and with that, the oppressors were destroyed. Halleluiah!


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