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But those who wait on the LORD Shall renew their strength; They shall mount up with wings like eagles, They shall run and not be weary,They shall walk and not faint. Isaiah 40:31

Waiting on God is a virtue bestowed on us by faith in Christ. With it, we can continue to believe, until He makes us understand what is lacking for Him to operate in our lives. Knowing the Lord, we don´t have to force Him to do our will, but understand where we are wrong and what prevents Him from blessing us. Without faith and without complying with the Word, it is impossible to please God.

Those who trust in the Lord are invigorated to continue the fight. Often, the Christian is defeated in a battle because they do not wait on God. Thus, they lose their vigor and, tired, attempts to rebuke evil, but nothing happens. What the Bible says is true, and it is not necessary to pray for the Most High to confirm; simply wait on Him.

With strengthened spirit, we will make a mere effort in faith, just as the eagle does to rise high, above any problem, and, from up above, sees its target and descends full speed to fish or hunt. If we are weak, we will not reach the necessary height. Look at how these things are interconnected. He who does not observe God´s guidance does not fulfill what he should and remains without the blessing. Let’s wait on Him?

To wait on the Lord is to believe in the Word, pray with faith and not worry about the devil´s threats. When we pray, divine power acts in our favor; after all, the Almighty will not deny what His lips have uttered. Therefore, take possession of what belongs to you according to Scriptures and let the Most High fulfill His promises, for He is faithful and just!

If you need to run toward the blessing, do so, and you will not get tired. But if you do not believe in God, in the first steps of faith, you will feel how hard it is to defeat the one who was overcome by Jesus. Those who trust in the heavenly Father do not have a tiresome life of faith, but full of moments of unequal pleasure. Moreover, he is not afraid to pursue the enemy, overtake him, and destroy him.

Many brethren in Christ waste their time and cannot overcome trials because they do not know God’s ability to work in their favor.  The Lord says that nothing will be withheld from those who walk uprightly (Psalm 84:11). See how you have lived in the faith and then set out to take hold of your rights in the Son of God. No doubt you will never be confused. The Father takes pleasure in seeing His children acting this way. Halleluiah!

There is time to run and walk. In either of these, the Most High will do what He has said. The walk with Christ is so pleasant. In it, our heart never feels lonely, but rejoices at the Lord’s direction. In fact, the Christian who lives in communion with the Most High never worries about anything and fears nothing.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Hope! Not only do we believe in You, but we long for the power You give to Your servants. Who would we be if You had not granted us Your grace? Today, we thank You for it!

The key to renewing strength is to wait on You, to live in Your presence and give You praise. We will mount up with wings like eagle, making the necessary effort to reach the height You have planned, from where we will see everything.

We will run and we will not tire; we will walk and not go weary. Nothing will stop us from assuming what You have determined for us. As we act according to Your Word, we will fulfill our mission with joy and love!


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