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And He marveled because of their unbelief. Then He went about the villages in a circuit, teaching. Mark 6.6

The Nazarenes surprised the Lord in the wrong way. Jesus’ going to that town was supposed to represent the day when everyone would receive what they needed to be happy and successful. However, the people´s unbelief made it impossible for the Master to do the work the Father had entrusted to Him. As a result, the sick remained sick, and the lost and the troubled were not delivered. A similar situation has happened with God’s chosen ones.

When Jesus entered Capernaum, He was surprised by the faith in the man who was not even an Israelite, but a Roman (Matthew 8.5-13). He was a centurion who had come from afar as Caesar’s servant, but surrendered to the Lord. The official’s understanding of the power of Christ made the Master exclaim that not even in Israel had He found faith like this man´s. Those who learn from God’s Word always triumph (Psalm 1.1-3).

However, the behavior of the Nazarenes did not stop Jesus from continuing His ministry. This serves as a lesson for us, for even if everyone frustrates us, we cannot disappoint the Lord. After all, God has called and commissioned us to live His best. Absolutely no way should we give the devil the delight of taking us away from the obedience due to the Almighty. Otherwise, we would suffer great loss. Whoever perseveres in following the Savior in complete submission – achieves victory.

Nazareth did not understand the day of the Lord’s visitation. So, Christ began to go through the regions around that city and work wonders – the mark of His ministry. There will never be any reason to leave God’s work. Therefore, never say that you will take such a decision. God’s servants are expected everywhere, even in places where there is prejudice against the Christian faith. Jesus came to bear witness to the Truth, and God expects this from us.

Seeing that He was not received in Nazareth as the Savior of the world, the Messiah set the example of a true envoy from Heaven. He went to the surrounding villages and taught how the people of that region could be blessed. There is nothing better than for the saved to minister the Word to all. You can be both a prestigious professional in your field and a witness to the Truth.

The failure obtained in one part of the nation does not mean that the person is a failure, clumsy, or lacks the heavenly anointing. Faced with a fruitless environment, the Master went to free the captives of the other villages. The people of Nazareth, on the other hand, lost a lot with their attitude. The appearance of the servants lifted up to develop the work is irrelevant; what matters is to be blessed by them. The important thing is not one’s exterior, but the One who dwells inside that heart – the Lord! 

Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, who will direct you to places where you will be welcomed and will do the work productively. Sometimes He will leave you alone, but not abandoned, to teach you the best way to fulfill your mission. Jesus will lead you to carry out your calling with freedom and great operations of the Spirit!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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Untiring and loving Father! The poor reception in Nazareth did not discourage Jesus; on the contrary, He soon left for the nearby villages. May we learn our lesson and not leave people in the hands of demons, for the work of salvation has been done in their favor!

Nothing can separate us from You or prevent us from fulfilling Your will in our lives. Your love will be preached all over the world, so that everyone will know how good and merciful You are. The Gospel is the Solution for those who live oppressed by evil!

The way out is to go to the dark places, where people are under the reign of wickedness. This is what Jesus did when the Nazarenes did not receive Him as they should have. He acted the best He could: by ministering to them the Truth that sets them free!


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