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E Therefore, when the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus made and baptized more disciples than John. John 4:1

Soon the ministry of Jesus began to gain ground, and with that came persecution ahead of time. Guided by the Father, the Master left Judea and went to Galilee. If He was after fame, He would have done differently. However, because it wasn’t man who guided Him, He made the right choice. It would be good if we listened to the Lord in everything. That way we would avoid problems.

When we obey God, success is inevitable; therefore it is good to know the divine will. Since the work is not ours, He will know how to conduct things. Because we are under His guidance, not only religious will resent with our success, but those who deceive the people.

Clearly each case is different, and only the Lord can pave our way. It is not good to fear, especially when under heavenly protection. Leaving a place out of fear is one thing, but by the Father’s direction it is another. Stubbornness to do what we think is best is bad. God is complete and omniscient. Therefore, it is healthy and wise to obey Him.

Seeing that the Philistines came to destroy him, David stood up to fight them, but was wise to ask God if he should fight against them. He was authorized by God and defeated them. The enemies regrouped and attacked him again. The wise king did not meet them as before, but asked God if he should confront them using the same strategy. David received another direction and defeated them again.

How much suffering we would avoid if we let the Lord guide us! With God’s guidance, His work would be extended more quickly, and many lives would be saved. Even political persecution arises against evangelism, because the owners of power are intimidated by the fact that the people begin to reason and by the revelation that the Truth sets people free.

Persecution will come one way or another. However, even then we need heavenly guidance to take the right steps when it comes. Whoever wants to live a godly life will suffer persecution (1 Peter 4:14). Prepare yourself to act under heaven´s guidance. No doubt this wise decision will be productive for the Master’s harvest. We are servants to serve!

The path chosen by the Almighty for us to walk may tire us more than if we stayed where we were, but the results will be greater than we would have if we did what we wanted. So don’t let the flesh overpower you. Be steadfast in fulfilling the Lord’s plan. Halleluiah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, our wise Guide! Why should we forsake Your help if you are perfect? Your foreknowledge is more than necessary so that we will not act in a way that will damage Your plans. Help us!

When we learn to listen to You, we become better servants. Those who fell ignored Your counsel, guided by the hellish forces. Let us flee from temptation to resist the devil, and he will flee from us.

May we follow our Savior's example by consulting and obeying You. Later we will see that You put us on that path. Then we will praise Your Name for Your holy purposes revealed. Amen!


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