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The LORD is my rock and my fortress and my deliverer; My God, my strength, in whom I will trust; My shield and the horn of my salvation, my stronghold. Psalm 18:2

Keeping in mind God’s revelation for our lives will make us strong enough not to bend to the threat of the king of evil. God is our Rock and in Him we can build our lives. When days of trials come, when heavy rains fall, currents are formed with great force, but we will not be taken by the force of the waters and fall because we are built on the Rock.

The Lord is also the Fortress where the enemy will never penetrate. In the Most High, we will always be safe. Although everything around us is falling apart, we will remain steadfast, for the Almighty will never be shaken. Live in Jesus, have His words in your heart, and you will not stumble on any rock. Those who trust in the Lord are like mount Zion, which cannot be moved and abide forever (Psalm 125:1). Hallelujah!

One of the most beautiful works done by Christ was to free us from the empire of darkness. There is no way the evil one can have us in his hands: we have been freed from his authority. From then on we dictate our future, and it will do well if we do it according to the Word of God. This way, we will stay away from the devil. The Christian is only oppressed if he has unconfessed sins. So get rid of the mistakes that can lead you back to the evil realm.

The best of all is: the Lord is our God and therefore we will not be touched again by the devil and his demons. Unless we allow or do something that gives Satan the right to oppress us, he will not be able to touch us at all. The Omnipotent has offered to be our God, and He has all power in Heaven and on Earth. With the Lord by our side we will be victorious.

When one takes refuge in a military fortress, where all nation´s war apparatus is located, it has a chance of not being touched by the enemy. Our Fortress is not made by men, but it is the Almighty Himself, indestructible and invincible. Whoever takes refuge in Him is not oppressed by any evil agent. With God you become more than a conqueror (Romans 8:37). You must and can trust in Him. 

One thing is certain: the devil will never cancel salvation, which includes healing, forgiveness of sins, solving problems, prosperity, and other blessings. It is not only a heavenly decree, but God Himself. Having the Almighty as the Horn of your salvation, strive to take on all that is yours and enjoy it. Do not give the king of destruction a chance to oppress you; assert your rights in Christ.

The heavenly Father has promised to place him who trusts in Him in a stronghold. Now, He is our Stronghold. Whoever believes in Scriptures will never be struck by the enemy´s darts. Believe: the saved are truly saved!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! David became the victor by making of You what he needed in the battles fought! Likewise, we will become victorious, because we found the Rock.

The memory of Jesus entering by Himself where the enemy had us in his hands causes our heart to rejoice. We have passed from death to life, the winning side, and now we just have to keep faith in You.

Our salvation is not a small thing. You are the Strength that brought us out of the regions of death. What else do we need if you are our Shield and our Stronghold? You are around us to protect us. Amen!


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