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09/03/2020 - NO ENEMY CAN REMAIN

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Those in the ambush also came out of the city against them, so that they were caught in the middle, with Israelites on both sides. Israel cut them down, leaving them neither survivors nor fugitives. Joshua 8:22

The fight against sin is real and cruel, and we will please God only if we resist the devil (Jm 4.7). We cannot be weak in the face of temptation and react inappropriately; otherwise the evil one will return to oppress us. The only way out is to confront evil and overcome it. This will happen when we stop fearing the enemy and remember that we have been given power over him.

Temptation has come upon us but human, and with temptation the Lord gives us escape (1 Cor.10:13). Those who receive the anointing from on high must fearlessly close the door to the evil one and never open it again. The adversary will try to soften the gravity of a deviation by saying, “This is not as wrong as you think”; “God doesn’t care,” or, “A defeat is a thing for nothing.” Escape from the enemy’s talk, ignore him, because it’s loop!

Those who have faith in Jesus are able to defeat the envoys of Hell. However, a little prudence – and attention to the Word – will keep you from tripping over or compromising with your adversary. The Lord commands us to tread on serpents and scorpions and in all the force of the enemy, for nothing will do us any harm (Luke 10:19). Hallelujah!

When you follow God’s instructions, as simple as they may seem, the kingdom of darkness does not know how to act. However, if you let anything bad get into your heart, you will lose divine assistance. While Israel kept away from sin, it won the war. Remember, violating a precept from the Lord is dangerous because, because it disturbs your vision, it leads you to make bad decisions. Stand firm in the plan of the Most High.

Never leave your mind at the mercy of the devil; otherwise, it will fill her with suspicion, fear and forbidden matters. Immersed in these thoughts, your strength to expel the evil seeds planted in your soul will be insufficient. So read and meditate on the Bible. In this way, you will have heavenly help to defeat any adversary’s intent against you and your family’s life.

When war breaks out, don’t even think about peace. Demons are masters at raising the white flag, making you think this is the best decision, or using other strategies to trick you. Regardless of how many fronts the battle rages against your life and that of your loved ones, with faith in the Name of Jesus, you will render the weapons used by demons to scare you useless. Whoever believes will never be confused.

The Lord’s command is zero tolerance to sin and its emissaries. Let God’s power work for you as long as you stand firm in faith in Christ. As you feel spiritual weakness, strengthen yourself in the Word. You will be victorious!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Loving Father! You will never fail to drive us on dangerous terrain. We come to You to receive power and direction, because we know that Your hand will sustain us. We reject everything that does not come from Above. We need you.

We have been called to do your work; therefore we do not have to invent anything. Rather, we must face the enemy, refusing any attempt by him to remove us from Thy presence. We must not even listen to evil, only to Thee.

You guide us to resist all temptation; for that you gave us power. You will be praised for our participation in your work. The Word declares that you will always be with us, so we have confidence in You. Amen!


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