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you are to rise up from ambush and take the city. The Lord your God will give it into your hand. Joshua 8:7

Having realized that the Lord sees everything, Joshua learned that without Him nothing is done in His Kingdom. Then he chose 30 thousand men to attack the city of Ai and gave them divine recommendations. The strategy of the Most High had to be executed as He spoke. Doing so, that region would be delivered into their hands. It is good to pay attention to Heavenly Father’s guidelines.

Joshua and his people had their “knife through their throats,” because the failure at the small number of Ai’s citizens disturbed them greatly. But after they had taken the one who had defeated them, it was a matter of honor to beat him. They sought the Lord, who made them know the right strategy of taking that city, but they would have to act on the divine map. No doubt they would do that.

If there is any evil in your life, it has to be expelled. However, without prayer and, in some cases, fasts and supplications, you will not get the enemy to move even a millimeter. There are evil spirits that come out only with fasting and prayer. Therefore, God’s servants must always be at His feet in order to equip themselves for battle, just as a sportsman or good musician is qualified to perform in his area. Tomorrow the Lord will do wonders!

Whoever lives as a lost person will be treated as such, both by heavenly power and the oppressing demon. Carnal believers lose much because they do not live consecrated. The opportunities to stand in the Lord will pass, and they will fall into evil hands. Because they are not strengthened in faith, they will not win the smallest battles. Jesus said, For if you cannot even the smallest things, why are you anxious for others? (Lk 12.26).

Years later, by not following Jesus’ instructions, the disciples failed to release the boy who gave equal access to an epileptic. When the Master learned of this, he called them an unbelieving and wicked generation (Luke 9:41). Ah! If entrepreneurs who are children of God did not waste what the Father sends them and learned to fight for what was placed in their hands, the world would be evangelized very quickly. Where are the faithful servants?

The unprepared person will do like Peter: seeing Jesus walk on water, he asked permission to walk toward Him. The Master said yes, and the disciple actually walked on the water. But as Peter took his eyes off Christ and set them in the wind and tumultuous waters, Peter was afraid. He who is not qualified to do great works for the Lord will notice much and sink.

Paul said, Seek to present thyself approved unto God, as a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth (2 Tim. 2:15). But overcoming the forces of evil is difficult for those who live in the flesh. Only the mighty take the kingdom of heaven. The Most High uses only those servants who go on without making agreement with the devil.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Our instructor in the wars! We should never miss opportunities to learn Your Word. If we receive your guidance, you will give us a good chance of showing that we truly love you.

Your instructions are detailed, as they contain what is necessary for us to go out in Your Name and overcome the enemy. The devil may have done something irreversible to human eyes, but with Your direction the long-awaited victory will be achieved.

As we know a promise from You, our hearts are excited and leaping with joy. Thus, we will go out into combat knowing that we will inflict defeat. Before Your power, nothing will stand! Amen!


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