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For this reason I bow my knees to the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.  Ephesians 3:14

Every cause we present to God is worthy of His attention, as long as the aim is to seek His glory.  Our prayer must be according to the promises of the Lord; so that we never be confounded (Psalm 25:3).  However if we pray without faith, we will not have our petitions granted (Hebrews 11:6).  If this occurs, we cannot blame Him who takes pleasure in helping us.  Therefore, if you are lacking in faith, meditate on the Scriptures.

Moved by the Holy Spirit, Paul wrote how he prayed in order for us to cry out and be successful.  We must have faith, perseverance and reverence as we take our needs to God.  He always answers when we pray believing in that which we expect and hope for.  However, if there is any obstacle, the error must be revealed and once it is  solved, we will be promptly assisted.

Every prayer must be directed to the heavenly Father.  When we pray in the Name of Jesus and receive no answer, we must examine ourselves to know if we are sinning.  It is also good to verify if in fact we believe that we receive what we ask for (Mark 11:24), for this is the Master’s instruction, and He never fails.  It is of no use to pray without faith.

Paul said that the entire Family in Heaven and on Earth bear the holy Name of the Lord, that makes us equal to all people (Ephesians 3:15).  Now, knowing what Jesus did in our favor, we must believe we will be rescued or helped every time that we pray.  This is the only condition for us to obtain answer to prayer.  Therefore don’t hesitate to cry out in the Name of Jesus.

God has riches that we have not even heard of.  He is rich in forgiving and restoring those that having strayed and fallen into sin do not feel His presence any longer.  The Lord makes these people prepared to be winners.  However, those who do not pray or do not wait for answer to prayer cannot be helped by the Most High. 

There are no limits to divine capacity in any subject or matter, because the Creator is the Only one who can rescue or help us.  There is no other God or any other being who is able to help us, no matter how simple the problem.  There are two forces that struggle to control man: God who is good and the devil that is evil and will never do us any good.  Surrender your way to the Lord and He will help you.

As you are strengthened with power in your inner self – in your spirit – you will be a winner as Jesus was (Ephesians 3:16).  Those who are defeated by the forces of evil do not know that they can revert this picture if they trust in the Lord and live according to His bidding.  The Name of Jesus will lead you to victory in all of your battles. 

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God! According to Your Word, we can be strengthened with power in our inner selves, so we want to be helped by You.  We cannot neglect or refuse this blessing because we must be prepared to fight for our lives.

We kneel before You so that You strengthen our readers with power.  Your promises are for all those that are called by You to witness concerning the love of Your holy son and to work in His Name in order to counter the attacks of the enemy.

According to the riches of Your glory, which have no limits, strengthen this person who prays with me and enable her to fulfill Your plan. Those that are called by You have the exclusive opportunity to cry out and be answered.  We already thank You and praise You!


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