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Righteousness will go before Him, And shall make His footsteps our pathway. Psalms 85:13

Every Word that is revealed is a way that is opened by the steps of the Lord, where we must walk in dignity.  As He prepared the means for us do the work with perfection, He gave us the best to be successful. You do not have to doubt what is said by Him but you must believe and strive to honor Him.  There isn’t any possibility of defeat if you follow His directions. 

Those who respect the Most High follow His commandments and never lose their battles.  Obeying Him you will discover only words of peace and blessings.  They are directed to those who take pleasure in coming close to Him.  Therefore they are successful in all things.  Those who walk this path are never confounded and even in total chaos they have all that they need.  

Our God does not deny any good to the righteous, because they proceed according to His will.  Therefore, their land – their position in God – will always be fruitful.  There is no scarcity for the servants of the Lord, as they dedicate their time seeking in the 

Word that which they must know and understand, in order to pray and receive divine grace.  They are divested of all sin and shine with the blessed light of the Gospel. 

The Almighty goes before the faithful leading them to the place prepared by Him for them to carry out His will.  Before Him justice goes so we need not fear or have any doubt as we execute God’s purposes.  He will take care of everything and will not permit that anything obstructs our success.  If our petition is done according to the Bible, we will be granted it, because the Scriptures never fail.

The blessing of the Lord is near to all those that fear Him – guard His precepts – and occupy their spiritual position in Christ, as they are seated in Him and have the glory of God.  We will be answered if we obey the biblical requirements: to be in Christ and His words remain in us.  This involvement with and in Him grants us victory in battle.  In Christ we are more than conquerors (Romans 8:37)!

God will never cease to lead us in triumph, because His glory dwells in the land where we are engaged in battle.  There isn’t the slightest possibility of losing to the devil if we are in Him who has defeated the darkness and now rules eternally.  Our Lord will never let us fail.  In Him our victory is secured!

When we act in the Name of Jesus, we have the Lord ahead of us to lead us to overcome all difficulties.  His righteousness will accomplish the mission: deliver us from evil.  Nobody will prevent us from obtaining Scripturally guaranteed success. To God be the glory!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord that opens paths! We thank You for being our God and Father.  With You before us, we will go wherever You lead us.  Nothing will stop us as long as we follow You. 

In the way You have opened for us, we will not find unpleasant surprises, because what was necessary was done. Then all that is needed is to follow You in praise, believing that everything will be according to Your Word.  You grant and guarantee us the means to succeed! 

Teach us to lay hold of the blessing You have promised!  With Jesus victory over the adversary, when He divested Satan of any power to oppress humanity, the devils can no longer obstruct the battles of the saints for they honor their life in faith in Christ!


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