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For we who have believed do enter that rest, as He has said: “So I swore in My wrath, ‘They shall not enter My rest,’ ” although the works were finished from the foundation of the world.  Hebrews 4:3

This place of quietness guaranteed by God is not in this world, although the trust in Christ gives us a relief in our daily struggles. At every moment of trial, or when we glimpse a promise set before our eyes, we must take one of the most beautiful attitudes: believe in the Lord. It is worth nothing to recite the Word if we do not believe it. There is a resting place waiting for us, one which we cannot give up.

We cannot be left behind, as it has happened with many who have cooled down in their zeal and love for God. They no longer believe in the Bible promises. Those who have withdrawn from the Christian walk have lost faith and the gift of loving the Lord. Poor lives! They were enlightened, but they allowed darkness to return. Whoever perseveres to the end will enter into the eternal rest of the Father. Halleluiah!

When the Word is not put into action, and the heart is far from it, it is useless to mention it. Because it has not been mixed with faith, it is unfruitful. We were made by, in and for the Word. Our existence will only make sense when we follow and fulfill the Scriptures. It has to assume the absent place of Jesus in us!

Anyone who does not remain unshakable will be commanded to march toward the unquenchable fire, because he has committed iniquity. But those who remain steadfast in the faith will inherit salvation, for the Master has assured this (Matthew 24.13). The divine statutes must occupy the first place in our heart (Psalms 119:33). Keep walking and don´t look back!

Take hold of everything you have heard about the Gospel. Your eternal happiness depends on how much you love God (John 14:21). Do not loosen up in your mission, but dedicate yourself to it. Thus, you will understand the things that still need to be done. Do not abandon your faith in Christ, for it has been given to you for you to fulfill what was ordained. If you do not have the strength to continue, speak to the Almighty, and He will help you.

Do not let the fascination of riches enter your soul, don’t allow the cares of this life embarrass you, nor the ambition of other things change your focus. When you understand the divine plan, you receive the gift of believing in the Most High. By doing so, it can change your course to that of one who will spend eternity next to the Lord. Why reject the best of God?

How about getting things right with the Creator now, radically changing your behavior? The unbelievers will not enter His rest. What is your goal? False happiness on Earth or true happiness in Heaven?

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of eternal Rest! We long to be wise enough to trust in You. So, in the day of reckoning, we will hear You invitation to enter Your Kingdom. Help us to practice the most beautiful act: believe in You!

This delivers us from evil and leads us to love You fully. Therefore, we ask: make us understand Your beautiful plan for humanity. To have and keep Your commandments is our goal.

We will never accept to stay out of Your rest. Let us be given the right to be included in it! We cannot give other things the primacy that belongs to You. We need to love and serve You!


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