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With the pure You will show Yourself pure; And with the devious You will show Yourself shrewd. Psalm 18:26

The people considered to be pure by God do not mingle with anything that is evil, they do not walk according to the counsel of the wicked, they do not stand in the way of sinners or sit in the seat of the scornful (Psalm 1:1) They are pleasing to the Lord,  and when  they speak of His love, they give good and sure counsel without giving reason to the wicked or lying in the way of condemning  the works of the devil.  They will never appease those that are scornful of others. 

The pure in heart do not alter the declarations of the All-Powerful, and even if they have to pay with their own lives for having to speak the Truth, they never bow to the orders of a Nebuchadnezzar that makes images of himself to be worshipped and adored. They face the flaming furnaces and the famished lion pits.  With great joy and faith they meet their punishment they were sentenced to smiling and knowing that they serve  the faithful God, who can and will protect them if He so decides.

One will never see a change to evil in those that serve the Lord with love.  He is not corrupted by sin, for he refuses immoral proposition that would condemn him in the juries and courts of men.  Fearlessly, he enters into divine presence and pleas in favor of those who have mistreated and offended him.  The pure sets his sights on the Kingdom of Heaven and not on the advantages offered by the devil.  He does not harm anyone whosoever, because he loves God over all things and his neighbor too.

The wicked disrespects the commandments of God, allows themself to be drawn by vile feelings with respect to another person and makes that person the object of their worst desires. Furthermore, the wicked only keeps close those people who can offer something like pleasure, status or profit, without concern that this person may be condemned   eternally.  In the last analysis this person only thinks of himself all the time.  Mercy! 

I see an important fact in this declaration of the Lord: He will not show Himself to be evil due to anyone’s behavior, but will yes be invincible. Sometimes the person arrives before Him unprepared to lay hold of His blessings.  However, if he pours out his soul, the merciful God will bless that person, because God took pity on their pain.  This means, in other words to “conquer” the Almighty.  He will honor when that person honors Him, but if that person treats Him badly so will that person be treated by Him.  

Because Abigail saw her husband treat David harshly when he fled from King Saul, and offered David food for those who followed him, made him unconquerable – David was according to the heart of God, was he not? – did not destroy his entire family (1 Samuel 25:2-35).  The servant of the Lord always has the best direction.  If in danger, he will change the heart of the offender.  It is worthwhile to reflect on what they say about you and about God!

The pure is transparent, because even when in ire he can be detained; the wicked has no idea of the judgment that may befall him; after all, his soul is far from God. Be careful with the wicked, for they follow the devil.  The Omnipotent will show himself to be inflexible with these.  Live according to the divine commandments, and you will “conquer” the Lord.  Halleluiah!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Pure and invincible God!  There are many examples in the Scriptures that show us how to be pure.  But sometimes we do nothing for the wicked.  If they remain in this condition they will never know You.  Mercy!

What would become of Abigail, if she did not have the courage to seek David and plea for her house? What will become of many who do not consecrate themselves for their spouse, their children, and other relatives or of the lost?  How rewarding it is to love and to serve You!

My humble prayer is that my readers follow Your Word.  Then they will be rewarded on the last Day.  The church needs wisdom for its children to carry out good works, freeing millions of sinners from eternal perdition!  This is urgent.  Help us!


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