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My people will dwell in a peaceful habitation, In secure dwellings, and in quiet resting places, Isaiah 32:18

If the Christian lives without Peace, he is not living where the Lord has said is to be the dwelling of His chosen ones.  In order for the work begun by God in our lives to be perfected, we must verify if we are firm in our faith or drawn away into dangerous paths, where we will only find pain and suffering.  There will never be any wrong in  the plans of the Omnipotent nor in the fulfillment of His promises.

Through Isaiah, the Most High guarantees that His people will live in peaceful dwellings.  Therefore, His servants had to be watchful and pray to God and prohibit the devil from acting whenever they noticed any threat.  Confusion is a sign that an evil spirit is in action.  Alas, the Word of God authorizes you to rebuke the attacks of the devil against you.  The dwelling place of the Christian must be one of peace.

When we understand that our Refuge is the Most High, we take pleasure in spending hours in His presence, praising His Name and learning from Him at His feet.  All of the declarations of the Lord are true (Numbers 23:19).  Know how to enter into the presence of God to seek His face, rest from the struggles of life, and enjoy what He has prepared for you. 

Besides our residence in God being one of Peace it is very secure and safe.  Therefore, the chances of something going wrong are zero, for it is His Word that will guard and keep us until the end. So whatever you learn in your encounter with the heavenly Father, or from answers that come from Him, will never be deleted from the roster of blessings that will be conceded to you.  The gifts from God are irrevocable and with no regrets (Romans 11:29). There isn’t the slightest chance that the Lord will change what he said. 

Hell knows that there is no way that God will not fulfill His Word.  It is impossible for the enemy to invade the spiritual territory of the Christian.  However, if you do not believe, you will be oppressed by the forces of evil, because you doubted the affirmations of the Most High.  So, do not be fooled by Satan, and do not believe that in your case there is a chance for the enemy to come out victorious. 

Isaiah the prophet was also used to tell us that our dwelling place is quiet, because the disturber of the Peace does not have access to it.  Our dwelling in God is known as the place of rest, so do not lose sight of it.  Whenever you are feeling agitated and are inclined to follow the desires of the flesh, go to this retreat and enjoy the  blessing that the Omnipotent has prepared for you to calm yourself. 

Someday, in Heaven, we will learn that we lost many battles for not having believed in the Most High.  Previously He had already given us the means to restore our energies and go forth to carry out His commands.  Nevertheless, unfortunately there will be no use in regretting. Why not take full use and advantage of all that God has planned for us now?

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Father! You not only created us in Your image and likeness, knowing the problems we would face in our journey on this Earth, You also prepared us a dwelling place of Peace.  Help us to not neglect it!

Our habitation in You is very secure.  In it the adversary will never enter to perform any evil. Being guarded and kept by You, no evil will get in our way.  Therefore we glorify Your majestic and beautiful Name!

As You thought out everything concerning us long before creating man, no detail was left out of Your plan, so that we would be supplied in everything.  Your are fantastic and powerful in everything you plan!


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