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You will chase your enemies, and they shall fall by the sword before you. Leviticus 26.7

When we walk with the Lord, we cannot even think of running away. Whoever cowers will not be admitted into the Kingdom of Heaven (Revelation 21:8). We are servants of the Almighty, so we will always face the forces of hell, which try to shame us and take away our position of supremacy in Christ Jesus (Ephesians 1.3; 2.5,6). We are the example of a people who serve the one true God.

It is necessary for every Christian to be prepared to face the enemy when he appears, because the devil’s strategy is to make us small before him. To do so, because he is a liar, he acts in a way that draw us away from the Word, where we are very well kept and strengthened. If you fall for Satan’s lies, you will displease Heaven, for it is unacceptable for an overcomer to have such an attitude.

The Almighty guarantees that we will pursue our enemies. This means that we must take the initiative to put them to flee! How? By preaching the Truth to all people. But if we are not willing to do so – in the eyes of the devil, we will be considered scared and acting cowardly. Then, he will send his demons to threaten us and give the impression that God doesn’t love us. Never believe the evil one or his envoys.

The Christian must feed on the Word daily, not simply read it, but go into the divine Presence and open his heart, showing belief in the record of the Holy Book. Take hold of the revelations of the Bible and then do what you are commanded to do, taking the message to the lost. Never preach in fear, nor use any artifice to escape persecution. Remember that you have God on your side, always!

Live with full confidence in the Lord, who will neither leave you nor forsake you – if you believe in Him, until you receive the victory. Don’t consider yourself better or worse than anyone else, and even respect those who think contrary to God’s plan. Love those lives! The individuals who persecute you are not your real enemies. In fact, they are used by the devil, so it’s good to bring them to Christ (Ephesians. 6:12).

The Lord’s sword is His Word. The more you get involved with the Scriptures, the more you will be used by the Most High! In God’s work, we do little, because the real work is done by the Father. We are simply His instruments to go all the way. So, be determined to fulfill your mission! When the time for accountability comes, you will not be reproached. Be firm at all times!

Get ready to see the adversary fall to the sword of the Spirit, before you. The place where God puts you may seem the worst in all aspects, but without a doubt, you will triumph and give the Lord true praise! Whoever walks with God will always overcome the forces of darkness, and they know that. However, since there are some who have not yet learned to trust the Most High, wholeheartedly, the devil leads them to flee in fear, and that is sad.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares


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God! You prepare us and strengthen us in Your Word! That way, when You send us into battle, nothing will intimidate us, for we will be clothed in the armor of faith, and thus, we will win!

We want to pursue our enemies and throw them out of the battle. Thus, glory will be given to You. The evil one will not stop us from doing Your will, if You are with us at all times. We are grateful to You!

Our opponents will fall by the sword before us. Then, trained and sent by You, we can go confident in victory. After all, You are the Man of War, and with You at our side, we will win!


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