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His lord said to him, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord.’ Matthew 25.21

In the parable told by Jesus, a master went out on a long journey, called three of his servants and gave them a certain amount of money, so that they would trade and multiply what they received, because on his return they would give an account. One of them said that because he knew his boss was intransigent, he did not act as he was ordered. The others, who received more, negotiated as they should and saw the amount received grow.

Upon returning from his trip, the man demanded an accounting from his workers. Those who received more returned twice as much and were praised, but the third – wise in his own eyes – returned the same amount, because he had kept it out of fear for not succeeding and being condemned for that. Besides being timid and fearful, this servant proved to have a judgmental spirit, with which he condemned his master. Therefore, he made a big mistake!

God did not save you by chance, but for a special purpose. Furthermore, He has given you of His Spirit. The Christian who feels no pain or compassion for the ungodly has probably not experienced the new birth. It is impossible to stand by and do nothing when you see a friend or family member not serving the Lord, for that person’s suffering will be eternal. Watch and pray!

We have to apply the grace received, which is bigger and better than the money the Master mentioned in the parable – and multiply it, in lives to be rescued from Hell. The one who received a talent did not obey because he believed it would not produce profit. Likewise, many do nothing on behalf of the wicked and don’t give “profit” to the Lord. Result: people are lost forever, without experiencing God’s grace!

The servants who had two and five talents went out into the field and managed to increase them, thus, they were invited to enter Paradise. Here is the lesson we draw: none of God’s children will be exempt from not having given Christ another life. Those who obey His command will enter eternal Glory, from where they will never leave. As for the timid – useless servants – their destiny will be darkness (Matthew 25.30; Revelation 21.8).

We cannot remain silent as we watch the enemy destroy the youth and homes of so many people who haven´t had the opportunity to hear the Gospel and get right with God. What have we done with the understanding acquired when we were saved? The selfish and the rebellious will be sent to eternal punishment. Perhaps, you ask, “Just for the fact that they don’t evangelize?” Think of God’s love in giving His only Son in order to die for us!

Be faithful in the little that has been entrusted to you, for you will be placed over much. Whoever is faithful in distributing grace throughout the world will be eternally rewarded (Revelation 2.10b). As for anyone who doesn’t take the time to speak of Christ’s love or is timid, his fate will be eternal death – in outer darkness. God have mercy on all of us!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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od of reckoning! It makes one shudder to know that there will be the great Day. On that day, those who have not obeyed Your orders will feel sorrow - as they confess their rebellion. The faithful will be welcomed into Your Kingdom!

What is the use of being frequently being at church, doing campaigns for blessings, and not obeying You? The worst thing is to know that, even though the preaching of the Gospel is urgent, lives that have heard nothing about Jesus will be lost!

What a beautiful day it will be - to hear from You that we are good and faithful servants! But those who have not multiplied the talent received, will not hear praise from Your lips - only the sentence of an eternity in darkness. We await the Day of Judgment!


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