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Therefore, having these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from all filthiness of the flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in the fear of God. 2 Corinthians 7:1

The message of the Holy Spirit, through Paul, showing something to be done by the saved, is the following: to perfect in the fear of God the sanctification received from Him. Whoever wishes to live well, far from the devil´s bonds, must purify himself from the devil´s attacks. Often, you think that they don´t even exist in your life, judging that, in this way, you will not go astray nor get lost in sins. Had you thought of this already?

Salvation is complete, but we must renounce and free ourselves from the works of the past, because they can cause us the greatest loss on Judgment. We must follow Scriptures on how we live, dress, and talk. Those that came from the world had the habits of the Moabites, which led the Israelites to sin in Baal of Peor, and so, were killed. This happened after they had been delivered from Egypt!

Salvation is perfect in its essence, but whoever receives it must make it perfect in themselves, repenting of their sins and turning to God with the perfect, undefiled heart. We are speaking of our eternal happiness, not of a prosperous life here on Earth, in which many people invest heavily, through studies, for example, to enjoy happy and plentiful days. Are you ready for eternity?

The apostle refers to the promises made by the Lord to those who come from the midst of sinners to be received by Him, having turned away from the things of the world, no longer touching unclean things. Every convert to Jesus does this because he feels in his heart that salvation came to him. Now, if he is not taught to do what is right, instead of abandoning old habits, he will continue to have sterile, false, and vain faith.

How many people are in church saying they are saved, but do not feel the presence of the Most High? Certainly, the number is much larger than we would like it to be. Thus, they take tremendous time from pastors in counseling because they are frustrated for not receiving the healing of their illnesses or the solution to their problems and those of their families. In fact, they do not give salvation due attention. Whose fault is it that God is not their Father?

In fact, these people have not allowed the Lord to be their Father and Pastor and neither of their family. Therefore, they will never be led to the green pastures, nor to the still waters. However, as they understand the need to change their lives, abandoning the life of errors, they will perceive that the Lord is the Father who cares for His children. See if this has caused you sufferings; after all, God wants to be your Father!

The Almighty is our Father and will answer our requests; we just have to be within salvation. Anyone who is not walking according to God’s will and continues this path will forever be out of God’s plans when Jesus returns. Can I give you some advice? Enter into prayer! 

In Christ, with love

R. R. Soares

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Oh God! After meditating on the last two verses of chapter 6 of the second letter to the Corinthians, where we are told to leave from the wicked, without touching the filthy things, in order to be received by You, we cry out in faith: save us! 

We want to be called sons and daughters by You. So, at this moment, we ask for this!  Make us feel disgust for the filthiness of the world and helps us to renounce them.

We must purify ourselves and perfect sanctification in Your fear. Thus, the times of refreshing will come upon us and we will serve and love You. Lord! We would like to call You Father, our Father!


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