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Then Phinehas stood up and intervened,And the plague was stopped. Psalm 106:30

It was one of the saddest days in the history of the Israelite people as they walked towards the Promised Land. Balaam the wicked prophet taught Balak king of Moab to cause problems to Jacob´s sons. The Moabite monarch followed the instructions of that prophet, who could speak only what God told him. But Balaam loved the reward promised by this ruler, and did the will of the devil (Numbers 22-25).

The Israelites had won the battle against Sihon of Heshbon and Og of Bashan, both kings of the Amorites. Because of this, the king of Moab hired Balaam to curse Israel. Balak feared that the people of God would fight against him in order to take part of his territory. But the Most High had forbidden the sons of Jacob to do so, and certainly not one millimeter of the Moabites land would be the target of those who respected the divine decisions.

The wicked prophet cannot curse those whom God blesses. Yet Balaam taught that king to use wickedness against the holy people. Balaam was so perverse in using the Moabite women to lead the Israelites to prostitute themselves in the vilest way by indulging in the sin practiced in Sodom. As a result of such offering, thousands of Jacob’s children surrendered to the greatest sinful festival in their history. What a tragedy!

The men of Israel were corrupted by the Moabite women (Numbers 25: 1). Because of this, the Lord commanded Moses to hang every leader of the household (verse 5). On that day, twenty-four thousand men died in the worship to Baal of Peor (verse 9). Notice how sin can seduce even one who is closer to God. If we do not stay alert when we hear someone confess their iniquities, we can be involved by the most disgusting practices. Mercy!

In the midst of so much pain, an Israelite took a Midianite woman to his tent with the intention of provoking the Lord with an unclean act. Then Phinehas took up his spear and pierced them through the belly (Numbers 25: 6-8). This should serve as a warning to those who have no limits in their immoral actions, for they will be struck by the spiritual spears.

Phinehas carried out judgment, bringing the plague to an end, and was blessed for doing that. Today, being of a different spirit, we have to practice righteousness, preaching about salvation brought by Jesus and tearing down the plagues that break out among the people, including in the children of God who sin. The solution is not to kill the sinners, but to rescue them from the clutches of the enemy, who owns them and tries to destroy them.

You can not lose the battle against the sin that has entered your life and that of your family and is wreaking havoc. It is necessary to carry out judgment, which is not against man, but against sin. However, it is necessary to know the revelation of the Scriptures about the work of Jesus on Calvary, assume your position as a warrior and lead your people to repent of their evil works and ask for divine forgiveness. Only then will the plague come to an  end! 

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! How can man fall so much, allowing the devil to use him in the most vile ways? That insults Your holiness. Have mercy on him who surrenders to the evil one; thus,  this person will not suffer eternally. 

Balaam caused great loss among the Israelites, for the weak of mind and faith did that which was evil before Your eyes. That's why thousands died. May all sinners observe this example and not perish.

However, Phinehas stood up and stopped the evil works. Now, we must preach that Jesus suffered the sins of all, so that no one has to suffer here or in the future. Afterall, salvation has been fully provided. Amen!


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