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For this is he who was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah, saying: “The voice of one crying in the wilderness: ‘Prepare the way of the LORD; Make His paths straight.’ ”  Matthew 3:3

Just as the announcement made by the Almighty in the past has been fulfilled, today’s announcement by any means – prophets, dreams, or direct word – will happen, although they say this is impossible! The Most High knows what He does, for He is perfect and knows all things before they come into existence. Never will one of His will cease to be fulfilled. Hallelujah!

The voice of John the Baptist was given the power to cry in the wilderness. Another is granted the authority to cry out in the streets, in the National Congress, in academia, in sports, and in another place determined by God. See where and how the Lord wants to use you, and gradually make your voice heard. It can fill you with wisdom to undo the deception that has been perpetuated in religions. With that, millions are heading towards destruction.

No matter where God put you to act; consecrate Him with all your heart without being carried away by the danger shown by the kingdom of darkness. Satan is the father of lies and has no power to touch the saved. John was not a member of the priesthood of Israel, nor did he imitate the priests of the day, but he did his duty and succeeded. Caution! Never leave the Scriptures. Avoid fads!

Every voice raised by the Most High is powerful within the limits set by Him. In them, you convey the Lord’s message, but do not think He will reveal any future error to you, for it will never happen. John showed no desire to be in Jerusalem among the priests to teach them, but God led some to hear him and learn to fear His Name. Let the heavenly Father be your true Shepherd.

God has prepared voices for the most diverse groups of citizens in the nation, but what has been made of them? Some have been brilliant in the courts, but the Lord did not make them to be there; others in Parliament, but that is not their place. Why did God give these individuals wisdom, talents, and anointing? To be the most important in the city, or servants who honor Him with full dedication? Elias, where are you?

What will you say in Judgment day, when you are summoned to surrender the talents entrusted to you and those you have gained? Will you say you were afraid of losing them, or that your wife said you would never live in a particular city? Beware, for Adam gave a similar answer to God. The Lord knows that I am married, and the phrase, “My wife would not accompany me” will never be accepted. Take care! No excuse will be worth before the just Judge. Have Mercy!

The Almighty has given you the prerogative of being His mouthpiece in one place. Therefore, Hell will not be able to stop him from following his call. Only you will succeed where God has appointed you; so drop everything and do your mission before it’s too late. Straightening your paths is the heavenly order!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the voice that cries out! We need to have the anointing to cry everywhere where people can be forgiven and saved. Jesus came and completed the work, that man might be born again.

It is sad to know that many will not inherit Your Kingdom and will be lost forever and never have the opportunity to be saved. We need Thee to enable us to speak in such a way that the lost beg for Thy forgiveness.

We cannot make your work religious, in which the people say they are saved, but live contrary to the Word. The fault may lie in the lack of power and appropriate words. After all, You didn't send us to do what people like. Have Mercy!


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