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So Jotham became mighty, because he prepared his ways before the Lord his God. 2 Chronicles 27:6

Jotham king of Judah reigned for 16 years, and little is known of him, but enough to see his course before the Lord. His name means Jehovah is perfect, but his way of acting is at odds with that meaning. Jotham did not err so much, but we can understand that he was upset with God, or afraid that what happened to his father Uzziah would occur to him; when his father was a king, he entered the temple to burn incense.

The priests resisted Uzziah, saying that it was not for him to burn incense before the LORD, and he challenged them. At that same moment, he became a leper. Then, noticing the illness, he hurried out of the place of worship. Jotham did not enter the temple during his reign, although he conducted his ways in the presence of God. He serves as an example for those who find it unnecessary to be in church regularly.

No one will be strengthened unless he lives in holiness, lives experiences with the Most High and goes to services. Anyone who does not stand before the Lord in His house can make any excuse, but they are under the devil´s influence, who does not want you in God´s citadel, because there they will learn to follow divine will and use the power from on High.

In 2 Chronicles 27, we read nine verses summarizing the 16 years Jotham ruled Judah. He was at war agaisnt the sons of Ammon and won. For three years, they paid him taxes. But in verse 2 of the quoted chapter, it is written, “And he did what was right in the sight of the Lord, according to all that his father Uzziah had done (although he did not enter the temple of the Lord). But still the people acted corruptly.”

Why refuse to enter the temple? The reason is unknown. But many have done the same. No matter how many reasons or excuses, the truth is not known. The verse also says that the people acted corruptly. Now the ruler is responsible for what happens to the people he rules. The same is true of the family when the head of the household rejects the Almighty.

Although he did not enter the temple, Jotham built the Upper Gate of the Lord´s House. This makes us compare him to those who help the church, but do not enter it. The Most High does not want your silver, but He wants to save your soul. No matter what you say about your absence from the Church of Jesus; nothing will justify your lack of communion with God. Think about this!

See if there is anything in your heart against God´s house and get right with Him, for the devil is defeating you in that area. Do not stop the Father from blessing you and your family. Failing to attend church will cost you a lot. Your growth in faith must continue!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God who strengthens us! We desire to walk before You and be strong. We cannot live on our own. Without You, we will do nothing good. Come bless us and set us free so that we may walk in faith.

Evil strikes us, but even though we pray, we do not see any improvement. We want to live in holiness and love, turning from error, only to do Your will. Thank You for loving us!

Jotham defeated the Ammonites but should have overcome all threats. Let it be written of us, "These were faithful servants of God." Then, when we leave, we will receive Your reward!


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