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If your sons will keep My covenant And My testimony which I shall teach them, Their sons also shall sit upon your throne forevermore. Psalm 132:12

The Lord has promised many precious blessings to those who keep the Covenant made in the blood of Jesus.  There is every reason to honor the Word.  Now if we do not obey it, we will suffer not only eternal damnation but we will not have the necessary power to live with dignity.  God always fulfills His promises, but we must practice goodness now.  Those who don´t will suffer here and eternally.

To those who are seated on the throne with and in Jesus, the Almighty declares to have chosen Zion, the Church of Christ in order to dwell in it forever. (Psalm 132:13).  He preferred it for His habitation and eternal place of rest.  That the Lord dwells in the church must fill us with holy and constant fear.  Notice the greatness of this: the heavenly Father is in our midst, so we should never commit any sin – in the worst sense of the word. Nothing at all!

The Lord vows to bless us with abundant supply (Acts 14:17), which we must accept with all out heart, for His Word will always be fulfilled.  Therefore if you have not had the material or spiritual provision, ask the Lord for them.  This is true not only for the mature in faith, but also for those who are new.  He promises the poor He will supply bread in abundance. 

Everyone who is saved is a priest and a king in God’s eyes (Revelation 1:6).  The Most High promises us salvation and this gives us assurance we can participate in His work with safety.  Although evil will try to enter our lives, nothing will affect us.  The mantle of salvation is inviolable and even if we go to the most dangerous places, we must only believe and the devil will not touch us. The faithful to the Father will dance with jubilee at His goodness. 

All of David’s virtues and his strength dwell in us according to the heart of the Lord (1 Samuel 13:14).  However, they are not automatic; they must be demanded with entirety of heart.  Don’t cease believing in the fulfillment of the revelations of God in your life.  However, if you do not give them their rightful attention, you will go on through life as if they were non-existent.  Rejoice! 

Through you Jesus will shine His light in the lives of many people.  Therefore be not involved with harmful or negative things; if so, like Saul you will lose the gifts of the Lord.  Let the strength of David sprout in you and you will see how much God wants to use you.  The son of Jesse was fearless and bold as a lion; he did not flee from battles because they would bring honor and glories to the Name of the Most High. 

You are the lamp prepared to glorify the Savior, so do not run from the battles.  Steady in faith in Christ and in His Name march into battle conscious that you will be an instrument of God to give His people victory.

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Lord of the Covenant! You will fulfill Your promises, which were previously prepared for the glory of Your Only Begotten.  We thank You for the marvelous promises of our being seated on Your throne. 

We do not want to deny Your lordship over our lives, nor disobey Your ordinances.  Certainly, with the revelation of what You expect us to do, You have already supplied us with everything necessary to honor and glorify You.  Our greater mission is to serve You. 

Look at our lives and see if we have strayed from the Way.  Now, evil will not separate us from You.  We are thankful and grateful for Your patience and love with which You have showered us.  Your will be done according to what You have said.  Amen!


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