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For evildoers shall be cut off; But those who wait on the Lord,They shall inherit the earth.  Psalm 37.9

Three things must be conveyed for you to succeed in your walk with Christ. Otherwise, you might get hurt. Whoever wants to succeed quickly observes the practices abhorred by God and forsakes them. But the reckless one does not realize how much he loses by failing to seek the Lord. Now, without heavenly enlightenment, no one can get rid of the temptations offered by the devil.

Anger seeks resentful hearts, and when it finds them, it brings worse spirits and invests against people. It is easy to see who holds this feeling, because his countenance soon shows it. However, some are masters in the art of deceiving; but just look closely at them and discover their trick. Now, the Most High knows all things and delivers those who seek Him wholeheartedly. We need to love Him!

Fury makes the person breathe hatred against the person who has harmed them. Therefore, he does not live well and doesn’t allow others to live well either. It is harmful to have their heart closed to that person. Now the enemy has used them and is also trapping the person offended because he refuses to forgive them. Thus, the offender and offended equal themselves in wickedness. It is necessary to be an instrument in the hands of the heavenly Father, for He is kind.

It is essential to be patient; after all, you’ll be the only one to pay the price when you look restless. Impatience can alter with all your structure, causing a series of sufferings. This makes it impossible for you to be guided by the Holy Spirit. You forget what God told you and you make wrong decisions. Choose the Lord’s guidance!

Whoever is overcome by anger, grudge, and impatience will be uprooted from the Promised Land, and in the end will realize his foolish decision. Therefore, open your heart only to the love of God. In addition to the good you will do to yourself, only mild words will come out of your mouth (Proverbs. 15:1), which are able to help the afflicted in their problems. Always choose to be in Jesus and have His words to guide you.

Waiting on the Lord and serving Him will make you successful. In the Promised Land, the blessed words will flood your heart and make you an heir of the possessions of the heavenly Father, together with Christ. So, reject any offer of the evil one to feel or desire what is forbidden by Scriptures. Firm on the Rock, speak according to the oracles of the Almighty. He has much more to your life than you think.

The choice is up to each one. The person who prefers to live far from God does not even think of the suffering that the devil will cause them here and in the future. Undoubtedly, the enemy has in store the worst for the rebels in eternity. However, no evil will happen here in this world to those that are faithful to the Lord. In Heaven, they will prove how good the Most High is!

In Christ with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of love and peace! We do not want to let wrath move our heart, nor anger dominate our mind, lest we curse the one who has hurt us. We want to see people coming to know You and taking part in salvation!

We also reject lack of patience, and so we ask for self-control. Thus,we will never leave Your presence. Besides, we will always love You, fulfill Your purpose, and seize the opportunities to speak about You to the lost.

We can not be counted as evildoers, but, we must be in You every day, steady and productive. The faithful will inherit the Earth, the Gospel, so we give You the guidance of our life. We must learn to do good and Your will!


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