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20/11/2021 - RACHEL’S JOY

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And Jacob told Rachel that he was her father’s relative and that he was Rebekah’s son. So, she ran and told her father. Genesis 29.12

Jacob and Rachel’s attraction is one of the most beautiful romances in the world. He worked for seven years and didn’t feel time go by, because he loved her (Genesis 29:20). When this feeling comes from the Lord, one is not afflicted by the difficulties of life, but is devoted to its beloved, and vice versa. Everything that comes from the Most High is fundamental for the happiness of both. But if they do not stand firm in God’s love, the enemy will hinder them all the time.

When love unites two people, they will never be separated, because the Scriptures say that the threefold cord is not broken so quickly; the third fold is the Father´s love (Ecclesiastes 4.12). The important thing in a marriage is the fear of God. Now, when the flesh leads a couple to live together, no doubt the two will face many tribulations. Whoever entrusts his life to the Lord will never regret having done so, for all that is kept by Him endures.

Later, after she was married, Rachel could not get pregnant and this was a problem for her husband. One day, she spoke as if to force him to give her a child, and his response was very harsh (Genesis 30.1,2). Even if they love each other, when one party gets out of line, the other must rebuke it. However, if they let their quarrels gather, later on this will be the reason for a bigger fight or even a separation. Everything must be resolved in prayer to the Father.

We don’t know why many people can’t bear children; however, whether it´s a malady or not, the Lord will work where there is faith. He makes Himself available to give to those who believe – what is needed. But after despising Him, many become religious and apparently seem to trust Him, but their lack of joy shows that they are not with God. Watch and pray!

Abraham, with whom God made His Covenant, once claimed a son from God, but when he prayed, he saw that the problem was in himself: When Abram was ninety-nine years old, the Lord appeared to Abram and said to him, “I am Almighty God; walk before Me and be blameless (Genesis 17.1). He took the divine warning seriously and his wife became pregnant. Abraham became a father at one hundred and Sarah, a mother, at ninety. The Most High is faithful!

When Jacob saw that everything was working out, he gave Laban’s daughter a respectful kiss, lifted his voice and wept. It was his way of thanking the Most High for the good things that were happening. Then he announced that he was her cousin, son of her father’s sister. Rachel saw the hand of God in that and ran to tell her father the good news. Now she was sure that the Lord had brought her cousin close to them.

Isaac’s fear was seen in Jacob. When he felt that God had arranged for him to go to his uncle’s house and had found the person that pleased his eyes, he showed gratitude for such kindness, which took over his heart. Thus, the Lord blessed him as promised. Whoever walks with God is always helped!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father, who prepares the best for us! How many miles did Jacob walk to the place where God had sent him? But he didn't even bother to do it. How many hours of searching the Scriptures must the person who wants to be used by You engage in? He who believes doesn't even care how much effort he has to put in!

We need to be in Your plans. Then we won't give room to the devil or lose Your reward. The daily race can't take away our time to seek You, or get in the way of our fulfillment. You are the Target of our quest!

What a joy Rachel felt when she heard that the newcomer to that region was her cousin, so, she ran to tell her father the news. Jacob and Rachel saw that Your hand was at work in them, so that Your purpose might be completed. You are faithful!


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