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16/01/2020 - READY FOR COMBAT

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You enlarged my path under me, So my feet did not slip.  Psalm 18:36

The Lord is perfect in carrying out His plans, preparing us for combat, and straightening all things, so that nothing will hinder us or prevent us from fulfilling His holy will. We should not be afraid, because by having Him ahead of us, we will reach the right place. Never leave the work entrusted to you for later. He can equip us for combat because He is omniscient!

What would be the point of having our steps enlarged if the feet could not keep up with the enlarging of David’s steps, which made him a victorious warrior? In your battle against evil empire to rescue lives, giving God the praise for having made you victorious, believe: He will provide the means. Just heed the word of the Lord. Thus, your victory will be inevitable and unquestionable.

When God called Moses, he said that he was slow of speech and tongue (Exodus 4:10). Why, is it not the Lord who formed the mouth of the mute and opens it as well? How could He not give His servant the proper language? Do not let distrust, or any other devil´s work, rob you of taking part in the divine work. If God has assigned you to any section of His army, He has already trained you for such a mission. After all, He knows you since you were unformed substance (Psalm 139:16). Amen?

Nothing will be lacking to the one whom the Most High calls or whom receives a task directly from Him, for the anointing for such task has been poured upon them. In David’s case, the Lord needed an example for future generations on how to get in and out of battles without being wounded and defeated. God never errs in His choices. Before the person was born, He skillfully wrought their muscles to fight the battles.

Jeremiah, when called, told the Most High that he was but a youth (Jeremiah 1: 6). Why, didn’t God know that? Then the Lord told the future prophet not to say that anymore (Jeremiah 1: 7). It doesn’t matter your age or where you were born; of the Most High is war, and like a Man of war He will make you succeed. God and His Word are one, so always believe what the Scriptures speak to your heart.

God still establishes feet, open mouths, and turn those who are not old enough into true prophets of His Kingdom. He will turn you into all that He has planned; just believe and obey Him. Who could you imagine? Jesse’s eighth son had a phenomenal ability. What God does, concerns no one, but at the right time people will be amazed at His deeds. He gave you special talents, use them! 

Who could imagine… A group of fishermen and a few other men of different professions were trained to rock the world with the Message they learned for three and a half years, walking alongside the Master. They strictly followed the will of the Almighty. What do people think of you? Does not matter; go and do what you have been commanded, for if you believe in what He will do for you, you will lack no gift to honor your call!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God our Mentor! It is good to know that the people used by You to do Your will were instructed to accomplish the mission before they were born. The rude fisherman Peter became the foremost of Your apostles.

David had his steps enlarged; Moses, the eloquence and steadiness of faith necessary to go to Pharaoh and demand, in Your Name, the release of the Israelites. No one has ever been as bold as he was, nor set free so many people.

David managed to increase his kingdom without losing a battle. In the end, He saw that You had prepared him for such a work. In every split second of our training, our feet were strengthened. You knew what we would do before calling us. 


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