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Jesus performed many other signs in the presence of his disciples, which are not recorded in this book. John 20:30

The Lord is the Operator of miracles par excellence, serving all without distinction. He loves people the same way, and if we listen to Him, we will receive the faith and take possession of the blessings. There is no point in leaving for tomorrow, or another day, the moment to assume our rights in Christ. Those who need deliverance or other help should use their faith and stand by their heavenly Father.

The wonders of the Most High in the midst of humanity are countless. From creation, He has always intervened to free those who seek Him. Be faithful to the Word and do your duty. After the Lord gives you understanding of how to proceed to enable His actions in your life, the realization of your blessing will depend only on you. Therefore, believe and assume what the Almighty says.

One might think, “It is an exaggeration to think that God does anything in anyone He wants. If He does not respect people, why not heal them right away? That way they could even close the hospitals. ” Now it is true that the Lord loves all; however, as long as the individual has no communion with Him, nothing will be done, as we see in the case of the daughter of the nation’s Syrophoenician woman (Mk 7.26).

God’s work is not restricted to the healing of the sick and deliverance from the oppressed. He operates in all walks of life; but where there is no faith, the work will not be done at all. Our participation must be effective in carrying out the signs, wonders and wonders of the Most High. We must heed the word of the Lord. Thus, people will gain faith and see His acting.

When we pay attention to Jesus, like the leper mentioned in Matthew 8: 1-3, the work is not slow. However, without sufficient faith, He leaves two blind people following Him along the way (Matt. 9: 27-30). Seeing how Christ conducted himself, their faith grew. Then they approached Him and were answered as well. See, for the healing to take place, they would have to hear Him. As Jesus said, it would happen according to their faith.

If sufferers went to church expecting to receive from the pastor only the teaching that produces faith, they would obtain the blessing after the first prayer received. Now, without faith, it is impossible to please God (Heb 11: 6), even using beautiful and well-articulated words. The Most High desires to bless the afflicted, however, He will only work on their behalf if they act according to the principle taught by God.


Examine the biblical records about divine operations. Then, by understanding the Lord’s plan, you will have life. The works performed by the Almighty will lead you to the Savior. A short, rightly prayed prayer will bring you to a worthy position before the Father and experience His action. Hallelujah!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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O God! It is good to be enlightened by the Holy Spirit within the Truth that you are, even without seeing the people being healed, delivered, and blessed. This is all done to glorify Thee. We are grateful, Lord!

When Your Son was here, He preached the Word properly. With this, many people experienced your power. Today we need your help to act as the Savior.

We are to do the works of Christ, exercising the same authority as the Master and teaching the Scriptures. Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by Thy Word. May You be praised through our deeds!


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