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10/10/2020 - RECIPE TO LOVE LIFE

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For “He who would love life And see good days, Let him refrain his tongue from evil, And his lips from speaking deceit.  1 Peter 3:10

With the recipe for success in our hand, we can begin studying at the school of success and reaffirm that God made us in His image and likeness. The devil simply cannot overcome those who love the Lord wholeheartedly and abide by His will at all times. However, one must be aware, for Satan will offer you sinful things, which you will agree with over time.

Your confession is not only done with the tongue, but also with what is in your heart regarding the devil’s proposals. Every time you read some Scripture about something bad and let the enemy convince you that such is going to happen in a while, you will harm yourself. This open window will be used by Satan to inflict you harm, and even if you cry out with faith, you will manage to cast him out. 

When someone agrees with the evil one, they fall into his clutches, thus, their life begins to fall apart. Nobody noticed, but the devil came in and wants to turn you into a loser. Therefore, be sincere with yourself and with God; talk about the forbidden passion that perhaps you are feeling and ask the Almighty to set you free from that spirit of error, which enslaves you. The Lord needs your heart fully.

Certainly, I am now talking to someone who thought that such temptation was a test from God and, one day, you thought you would marry a certain person in order to be happy. Listen, you have fallen into a snare of iniquity, and your soul is trapped in the  devil´s clutches. One must make true confession in order to get rid of such a fate. God knows the enemy’s intention for your life. Therefore, get out of Satan´s prison in which you were imprisoned.

Imagine that, in addition to not restraining your tongue from evil, you start speaking wrongly in the Lord´s temple. Then, your heart and all your life is in the hands of the destroyer. Why did you lose your health, goods, and freedom to carry out God’s work? Because you gave the enemy room to act. If you want to go back in fulfilling your calling, shut that gap and take a stand in Christ.

I think of the surprise that many of my readers must have felt, when they considered themselves sinless and realized how much they had fallen into the devil’s snares. Your escape from evil will happen at this moment, if you consider your error and ask the Lord to cleanse you completely. Only your confession and the Lord´s forgiveness will make you go back to God´s loving arms. He is next to them to close the window, but first He will make the enemy flee.

Pray right now, talk to your heavenly Father about what has been happening in your life. Cast out the demon of adultery that entered the temple. If necessary, cry, but then rejoice. God will help you not to stumble again. Be freed now!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Oh Lord! We thank You for the recipe that makes us love life. We have seen people in all places complaining about everything, seeing no reason to love what You´ve given them. It´s so good to learn from You!

He who can refrain the evil tongue has no reason to complain; on the contrary, he is happy at all times. We must give You due praise for the gift of life, for it was given to us by You!

We cannot speak lies, opening windows for the enemy to come in. Yours is the glory of creating us in Your image and likeness, but for us to be as You wish, we must be truthful at all times. Help us!


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