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They shall not offer wine offerings to the Lord, Nor shall their sacrifices be pleasing to Him. It shall be like bread of mourners to them; All who eat it shall be defiled. For their bread shall be for their own life; It shall not come into the house of the Lord. Hosea 9:4

By behaving like a harlot before the Lord, Israel sinned, which resulted in serious consequences. One was not being able to offer libations to God anymore. The christian who commits iniquity equals Israel and is unable to serve as a king and priest chosen by Christ. Understand that a simple careless mistake can complicate your life forever, causing the Lord to reject your offer of worship.

You may wish for the most difficult things and strive to give them to the Father, but He will not accept them. It is better to walk in holiness before the Omniscient in order not to be overcome by the devil in temptations. Only then, God will be your Help. Those who live in the presence of the Lord will say that He is their Refuge and Fortress, a very present Help in times of trouble (Psalm 46:1).

What comes from the unregenerate person – or from the one who was saved, but returned to the devil’s box – does not please God, but disturbs Him, because they have become unclean again. They must quickly go into prayer, but this will sometimes be difficult, for they will feel as if there is a sea of bronze above their head, preventing their cry from reaching Heaven. However, with candor and persistence, they will be able to achieve their goal!

During the days of the Law, whoever touched a dead person would become unclean (Numbers 19:11). The person who is not in holiness strives to offer God what they think is pleasing to Him, but they are trying to render something that is corrupted. Only when we are communion with the Most High we are able to do something pure. Still, we cannot accomplish anything on our own, but pray for the Lord to guide us. Then, He will help us!

The sacrifices of the wicked and others who have gone astray from God are contaminated before His eyes. No one can decide for himself to offer something to the Almighty. However, once they have made things right with Him, confessing and forsaking their mistakes, the saved will be placed in the fold of the good Shepherd as if they had never done anything wrong. Repentance and forgiveness destroy sin!

He who has gone astray does not need to ask someone to intercede for him before the Lord. After all, the relationship with God can be restored directly through Christ, the Righteous and Only Mediator between God and man. Come to the Father for yourself and be true to Him. Thus, you will return with the blessing! Even if you use everything you have fought to conquer, do not make it your offer to the Almighty. Just offer what He tells you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! More than ever, we are sure that man can never offer You something that You did not ask him to give. Without Your guidance, we can never please You. You're faithful!

Why do we insist on offering You what You won´t receive? We need Your help in everything, so we never write right with crooked lines. You only receive that which follows Your guidance from the beginning.

Man insists that You receive something, without feeling such instruction from You. The truth is that we will be considered ready to gift You something, if we are saved and washed in the pure blood of Your Son!


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