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Therefore remember that you, once Gentiles in the flesh—who are called Uncircumcision by what is called the Circumcision made in the flesh by hands Ephesians 2:11

Many who are saved would do well if periodically they would remember who they were before they knew Jesus. Some lived steeped in sin, commanded and used by the devil, with no perspective of being delivered and living free from filthy spirits.  However, on hearing the sweet Word of God, they received the gift of repentance and are converted. Now they are light in the Lord.  Glories to Him!

Because we previously were gentiles, or sinners, means we were without God living according to the will of the prince of darkness, which is totally evil. However, one day, it pleased the Father to make us know His Son and to believe in Him.  Then our lot changed completely.  Today, saved by the blood of Christ, there is no longer any condemnation for us.  We were constituted to be authorities of the Almighty in this suffering world. 

While we were found to be lost, we had no possibility of reaching the Lord.  It was as if we were cursed as a race. However, the light of Truth shone in our hearts and by our decision we surrendered to the Savior receiving Him as Lord.  Since then we no longer have any problems with the devil, because we are set apart from his territory and influence. 

Without Christ, it was certain that the future would be worse than the present. We would not see the light nor would we be visited by the good Father.  We would be equaled to the evil acts.  However, now we can walk in the good works prepared by God himself that we might walk in them (Ephesians 2:10).  We were transformed from being slaves to sin to being brothers of Jesus and authorities in the Kingdom of Heaven.  What a change the Almighty has exacted!

Being members of the family of God we can call Him Father and enjoy all the privileges.  Nothing else separates us from divine love or from His Body, which we have become a part of. He who was our lord now obeys us when we expel him from the lives of those who come to us to be delivered from their sufferings.  In Christ, we will always win!

We are worthy of participating in the New Covenant that encompasses the corrections that  the Almighty has worked with humanity.  We live full of hope, for we are the best of God in this world.  Why get involved with temptations if the devil is now under our feet and where soon the Lord will crush him? (Romans 16:20)  Resist the attempts of the devil to submit you to him again.  Each temptation is his effort.

We have come close to the Kingdom of God; we are just one step from faith and finding the Lord.  This is why every time we seek Him we are found by Him.  Therefore do not exchange your great blessing as part of the Body of Christ to being a slave to sin.  God is faithful!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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God, our inseparable Lord! You have completed a great transformation in our favor, delivering us from darkness and leading us to Your Kingdom of love. Now we are sons and daughters  and therefore Your very best in this life. Our duty is to love You. Help us!

We are no longer far from You. Receiving Jesus as our Savior everything good was given to us. Now the devil has to obey and submit to us, when we expel him from the lives of the lost. You are marvelous!

Our greatest desire is to lay hold to the benefits of the promise.  We are not strangers or unworthy of participating in Your nature.  We have hopes that one day we will know You as You know us.  Thank You, dear Father!


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