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When he heard that Jesus had come out of Judea into Galilee, he went to Him and implored Him to come down and heal his son, for he was at the point of death. John 4:47

Hope in a person’s heart does not solve the problem they are facing, but it disposes them to go after what they have been told and to make any sacrifice to find a solution. With that in mind, preaching the Good News is best done for the suffering and oppressed. The Son of God, for example, did this. During the three years and six months spent here, going everywhere to relieve and heal the afflicted, He never refused to listen to them.

Upon learning of Jesus’ going to Cana of Galilee, the king’s official felt that this was the time to go after Who only heard well. The Master “shook” the world of that time with the Message of healing, deliverance and salvation. Those who have experienced God”s goodness have not stopped counting the miracles they have witnessed. With this, the word passed by word of mouth, until the sick were brought to Christ and received healing!

When that man came to the Savior, he immediately presented his need. Those who have a chance to stand before God must be specific in their petition and at the same time heed what He will speak to their hearts. The Lord speaks by the Word, then the person listens to His voice and understands how to conduct himself in order to have his problem solved. The Most High never implied that He would only grant a blessing if the needy promised Him something.

In anguish, the officer asked Jesus to go to his son and heal him. Perhaps he had learned that the Savior had come to the house of a sick man to heal him, like the daughter of Jairus, the prince of the synagogue. However, each case is treated as God intended; after all, he sees and knows everything. Thus, understanding the will of the Father is the best attitude; otherwise the work will not be done. Whoever learns from Him will receive the blessing.

The young man was on the brink of death, disillusioned by medicine. It seemed like the end. However, that father sought the Master and saw the miracle happen. How many people fail to save a loved one’s life out of sheer religious prejudice? Now if the Father does not answer your cry, there is something wrong with you. We cannot remain stubborn in ways contrary to God’s. Whoever comes to Him must give up all that He has and start over.

Heavenly Father pays attention to the requests made according to the Scriptures, because the Word is His will. Whoever knows and fulfills it will not be despised. In the Bible, many people cried out but got no solution. However, when they understood what the impediment to the answer was, divine power came into play, as did King Hezekiah (Isa. 38: 1-8).

God helps us in the best way, but never bends to the will of man. Do as He commands, so that the work will be done as you need it. If you cooperate with the Lord, you will succeed. God loves those who love Him (Jn 14:21)!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! No prayer will be left without Your answer, but if we pray outside Your direction, we will have to go back and redo everything we ask. Therefore, help us to intercede according to Your purpose!

The most important thing is to hear about yourself, your coming and how we should proceed. With this, the healing process will begin and end with the desired end. Send Your servants to instruct us to pray. No battle we will lose!

Your Name must be our flag, and Your power our weapon to overcome the enemy. In this way you will be glorified in Your Son, our Savior. In the Name of Jesus, we command all evil to be destroyed, to Your glory and honor!


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