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16/05/2021 - RICHES DON’T LAST

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For riches are not forever, nor does a crown endure to all generations.  Proverbs 27:24

The Lord gives a clear warning on this verse, and that’s why we should pay attention to the source of our resources. That way, we won’t fall into poverty and won’t be affronted. Those who follow God’s directions will live in safety all the time. Nowadays, people are attracted to things that are considered beautiful and important, and they contemplate these things. But in a few years they will realize that these things will fade away. Our faith in Christ, however, is eternal!

Those who serve God according to His Word obtain lasting success. History shows the birth of important religions and sects, but that, with time, lost their strength or disappeared. The gospel, the Good News brought by Jesus which places the Savior at the center, will continue to exist until He returns and also in heaven, forever.

Although it isn’t in the Bible, this is a very true statement: “Rich father, noble son, poor grandson.” By talking to successful people, it becomes evident how hard it is to establish successors. It’s easy to have heirs, but hard to find people who will continue the work with the same effort. Nothing lasts forever in this world. We must recycle and study, because life punishes those who aren’t vigilant.

Here’s another true fact: those who have money have friends, but once the money is gone, the friends are also gone. Man is evil and even saved ones, if they aren’t vigilant, can fall into sin – even those who are born again. With iniquity, the old nature that was buried comes back and those who were saved become lost again (Mark 14:38; Ephesians 4:20-24). The old self will return seven times worse (Matthew 12:45).

It is sad when we come to know about Christians who didn’t resist temptation. Those who try to hide their transgressions and deny things – even when there’s evidence – will be delivered to the hands of the devil. Nothing is worse than lying to feel better about what they did. However, through repenting and confessing, they will be renewed and the Father will be ready to forgive and cleanse them from all sin. We should value those who sin but confess their mistakes.

The family of a servant of God is capable of extending salvation to all its descendants, even if the world lasts for millenniums. The promise made through Paul, in Philippi, continues until this day: So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household (Acts 16:31). Saved ones see a mantle of grace upon their family members, but if they aren’t faithful, they’ll be sent to darkness!

It is great to know people whose grandparents and great grandparents received Christ as their Savior and their descendants stayed strong in divine grace. The apostle Paul spoke to Timothy about the faith that inside him, and that had been inside his mother and grandmother before (2 Timothy 1:15). The greatest inheritance anyone can leave is salvation in Jesus. 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God of eternal success! Thank You for saving those who believe and extending salvation to the entire family. That way, we will be able to leave the greatest richness to our descendants. You are great at planning, executing and fulfilling Your Word. We praise You!

When we used to walk in the path of death, You chose us to be servants of Your grace, giving us complete salvation in Christ. Our desire is to bring others to You. That’s why we rejoice and thank You!

We will be faithful to You, knowing that riches don’t last forever. May we have successors, and not only heirs. May Your reward last from generation to generation, for we are serving You with love. Amen!


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