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So He came to a city of Samaria which is called Sychar, near the plot of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph.  John 4:5

Regarding this episode, Jesus was the right person in the right place, not because He was the Son of God, because, as we know, He did not come as such. To be our Savior, He had to strip Himself of His divine attributes and be born as one of us. He passed through the doorway into our world: the maternal birth. So he grew up and lived like a normal human being, but with one striking difference: He never sinned. He was guided by the Father!

The Lord needed to pass through Sychar. The Lord sent Him there to fulfill an important mission of His ministry. In the same way, the Most High will take us to many places within our city, our state, country or some countries, to do His will among the peoples. No matter where He sends us; we must be the right people at the right places. Thus, we will glorify His holy Name.

Jacob had given his son Joseph a land, located near the city of Sychar. Now, we are the heirs of Christ, and the place to which God sent us is near that which was given to us by Jesus. Given this, we must cross the border and do good to those who live there and do not enjoy the power capable of delivering from all evil. The people of Samaria were foreigners; they weren’t Jews, but wanted to know the true God, so they were entitled to be blessed.

Master got tired from the long walk. However, He headed there. When he arrived, he sat by the fountain of Jacob. We do not have to sit by the fountain of Jacob, for its waters were limited, and therefore had no power to quench the thirst for the Truth in man’s heart. The waters of the true Source, Jesus, quench our thirst forever.

We must seek divine wisdom so that, like Jesus, we may begin a dialogue with someone and lead them to experience the water that quenches their thirst. In some cases, the devil does not let us reason what we will say to that person, but if we are filled with the Holy Spirit, we will make them understand and want to quench their thirst.

Jesus began the conversation with a woman who appeared there at the well, by asking her for some of the water that she was taking. Soon religious prejudice arose, and the Master won her by offering her the true water, with which the woman would never thirst again. Then, following her reasoning and using the ability given by the Father, the Savior made her run through the city and announce such happening. Halleluiah!

Pray for the Lord to send you to one who is suffering. However, when you meet this person, if the problem is difficult, confront it with the certainty that the authority granted to you is capable of resolving any situation. God would never send you to anyone or bring a person to you if He didn’t have a greater purpose: use you to show them the solution.

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father of solutions! Why not obey You if we are allowed to do good to those who need it? We can be the blessing planned by You in the life of those who seek us or ask for our intervention. To You be all glory!

We do not accept to be mere listeners, but true servants of Yours, giving what we have received from You, that all may be healed, delivered, and saved. We want to do the work as Jesus did, to love as He loved and to set free as He did.

We stand before You asking that you continue to teach us how to proceed in our mission. Thus, we will see Your hand working in people as You did in the days of Your Son on Earth.


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