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16/08/2020 - SAD COMPARISON

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Therefore they shall be like the morning cloud And like the early dew that passes away, Like chaff blown off from a threshing floor And like smoke from a chimney.  Hosea 13:3

The one whose speech trembled came to be compared to nothing – a speck that takes work to remove and nothing good adds. Thus will be considered whoever exchanges the Lord for the enemy, seeking his help. Definitely, the kingdom of darkness cannot offer benefits to those who seek it, but misery and complete misery. Why would anyone exchange happiness for permanent suffering?

Many choose the path of sin, as if eternal torment were not real. Ephraim fell into this error and was thus condemned to go through the worst times. Whoever comes out of God’s presence plunges into a wicked world where he will never find rest. Who does not live as saved becomes defendant of the Judgment.

We have to recognize that some say they are saved, but they are not. How can you turn your back on the Truth and plunge into deception? He who does this does not know what awaits him in life, not to mention that after death he will realize how foolish he was to doubt the revelations of the Lord in His Word. Now there will be no other time to get right with God.

The comparison that the Holy Spirit makes of those who depart from the Father is real. This person looks like the morning cloud, which disappears when the sun rises. We need to be prepared for the return of Jesus. He who does not come with Him will never again see good and will be in an environment tormented by the evil one. If Satan already oppresses today, what to expect from him when the pain comes?

The weak believer is compared to dew, which cannot stand the sun’s rays and dissolves. Now the cloud that promises a mild day without the excessive heat of the sun can be compared to a person exposed to trial, who discourages and gives in to sin. These two topics symbolize those who run away when problems come because they cannot resist adversity. It is right to stand firm in the faith!

The straw of the threshing floor was by the food to be threshed, providing protection. However, as the straw had no value, it was swept away. So no one would venture to keep it, because it had no use even to the fire. Try to do something good for the Kingdom of Heaven by presenting God approved as a worker (2 Tim. 2:15), empowered to help the needy and oppressed.

With the smoke from the chimney also comes a residue that sticks anywhere and causes breathing problems. If soot falls inside the house, for example, dirty the bedding and utensils that are not well stored. In the spiritual realm, this “smoke” causes damage to the lives of those who “inhale” it. Think about it and make the right decision!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our true Guide! From the moment of our conversion, the faith you have given us has been used for our welfare and for Your Kingdom. It has also done a great good to many people who come to us for help.

We do not want to be compared to the morning clouds, which dissipate at sunrise, or the dew, which cannot stand the heat of trials. Help us to be compared to the good things.

Why be the shale - the straw that arises when food is taken from the spike and pod of rice, wheat, etc.? We also do not wish to inhale the residue from the chimneys. We need to be one of the nutrients of good food.!


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