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“Behold, I will rebuke your descendants And spread refuse on your faces, The refuse of your solemn feasts; And one will take you away with it. Malachi 2:3

It is very serious that a person will not listen to the Lord or honor His Name, for even their seed will be corrupted. No one would like to see any of the descendants trapped in the most vile sins, but this will happen to the rebels. He who does not endeavor to educate his children well, and the children of his children, and learn not to do the will of God, will give himself the displeasure of seeing corruption erode his family. Mercy!

Corrupt seed causes continual sadness, moments of pain, despair and frustration. Children should not only be the Lord’s inheritance, but ours as well. They should be our joy, full contentment. The Most High says that if we are wise, we will make His heart rejoice (23:15). This would also have to happen to us regarding our children if they were wise, successful, and servants of God. Do not collaborate with the devil, losing that blessing!

It is not good to provoke the wrath of the Almighty! Who are we? Even if we were stronger than angels and every creature of the physical and spiritual worlds, what would we be before the Father? The devil will come near you just as he did Eve, causing her to sin. So watch and pray not to be tempted. Far from the Lord, what is our ability? Seek to get right with Him now.

The Word says that dung will be spread on the face of those who despise it. Of course this act is spiritual, but it is worse than if it were physical. In this one, you would remove the dirt by washing your face; However, in the spiritual realm, you can only be cleansed by repentance and faith. This explains why many people do not stop at work, marry, or own property. Poor lives! They are usually proud of the wrong life they lead!

What the lost call parties are the devil’s mistakes. They never indulge, even to the extreme in their mistakes. He who has the excrement of wealth scattered across his face seeks to raise more and more without preparing for reckoning. When that time comes, this person will despair of being unprepared to face the judgment of eternity, in which he will confess his transgressions before all. What a day of horror!

The wide door shows a thousand attractions to deceive those who resist God. Why does one say no to the Lord, who is love and only wants their good? It is an action of the kingdom of darkness, which acts from generation to generation, causing its descendants to refuse the Truth. Therefore, in the family history, there are several consummate sins. It’s time to stop this diabolical action.

Dung will be the password for you to be taken from the divine presence. The Scriptures warn: He that is unrighteous do injustice yet; and he that is filthy is filthy yet; and he that is righteous doeth justice also; and who is holy be sanctified yet (Rev. 22:11). Never let the enemy keep you in error. Claim your deliverance now by confessing your iniquities and settling with God. He is love and wants to set him free!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord our God! What a danger we are in, for the wide door with its charms calls us daily. We need to be at Your feet, accepting Your teachings and obeying Your pleasant, good and perfect will. Thank you for your mercy!

We cannot exhale the stench of the excrement produced by our feasts, becoming unfriendly with the blessing and lovers of the curse. We want the cleansing of the blood of Jesus, the sweet aroma of Your Spirit, and the beauty of Your grace. Help us!

Join us with your love! We must respect and serve You, because far from You there is nothing good. With you there is a fullness of holy joys, profitable and powerful to give us salvation. You called us to be saints!


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