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And with many other words he testified and exhorted them, saying, “Be saved from this perverse generation”. Acts 2.40

Peter was aware of what will happen to people who love the world, have no time for the Lord, and live as if everything will end with death. Poor lives! He who thinks only of earthly things will certainly never believe in God. Well, the world is passing away, and the things that exist here will not follow us through eternity. Whoever does not seek salvation in Christ must be aware that he will suffer forever.

In Noah’s day, everyone thought only about what was transitory. No one was prepared for what was coming upon mankind at that time. The message given by Noah sounded like crazy stuff. The individuals had no idea of the danger that would soon come upon them. But when it began to rain, and the waters began to cover everything, many who thought they were smart climbed the mountains until they were all flooded.

What a despair! How many cried out for the Lord, who had already closed the door of the Ark from the outside? At that point, it was a matter of waiting for death to come, and it did. Everyone was killed in the Flood when they should have been preparing for the best. Then, seeing no more hope of saving themselves, they became hallucinated. Surely, you say, they were foolish enough not to believe in God. And you, have you believed in Him?

That day in Jerusalem, Peter went out of his way to testify and exhort those present about the Judgment. He had heard it from the lips of Jesus as He went from city to city, preaching the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The apostle used all means to get the lost converted and was successful, for, in the baptism that followed his appeal, three thousand souls were added to the newly established church.

Our generation is perverse because it practices everything that is not good. The sexual aberrations are so many that it is impossible to list them. God has the door open to receive you into Heaven. However, if you do not accept this offer, where will you go when the time of departure from this world comes? So don’t delay your decision. If you postpone it, it may be too late later on. The clock of eternity is ticking its last few ticks!

God has been testifying in every way so that people will be converted. That you act quickly is my prayer! If you keep postponing the day when you give your heart to Jesus, you will see that you have made a wrong move. With Christ, you will go to Heaven, but without Him, unfortunately, your dwelling will be in the lake that will burn with brimstone and fire forever. Hurry up, there is still time!

The key is to save yourself from this generation, which corrupts even the chosen ones who don’t stay alert. Maybe you are already missing the great opportunity of your life, but you will say it is not so. With Christ, you will not be disappointed, but you will be saved. He who refuses the divine invitation may be closing the door that God has opened for him. Save yourself!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, our Friend! We don't want to get lost with this generation, so don't let us hesitate. Warm our hearts with Your urgency. Nothing will take us away from Your call, but we can only ascend to Heaven with Your help!

Our generation is lost, because, although it knows that Christ died on our behalf, it has not given You due attention and walks away from Your presence. This is terrible and frightening. Without You, there is no hope for anyone!

Forgive us for being stupid and not giving You Your true place as Lord. We have not been wise and, with that, we have stopped watching. But now, in Jesus' Name, forgive us and lead us to repentance. Thus, we will live by Your side!


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