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So when this was done, the rest of those on the island who had diseases also came and were healed. Acts 28.9

Paul, the prisoner of the Roman Empire, was taken to Malta to take part in the work planned by the Most High, where nowhere else in the world has something like this been seen. He was being led to Rome, but God used him in such a special way that even the centurion, when arriving at the capital of that city and delivering the prisoners to the general, allowed Paul to live alone in a house, having a soldier to guard him (Acts 28.16). What a tremendous God we have!

It was not by chance that the ship he was in ran aground at where two seas met. Only the Lord could have created such a special stratagem, preparing the best place for the apostle to register, in his biography, the revival that even he didn’t expect to take part in. God’s servants should not care about anything that happens to them, for He works out the details of His work.

Someone may say that God was mean to Paul, because when he sent an angel to promise him that no life would be lost on that voyage, He could have done differently by taking the apostle off that boat or making the storm go away. However, the Almighty says: “For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord (Isaiah 55.8). The Father always has the best for His children!

The Lord looks at situations differently. It was not only on that ship that lives were preserved, but also all over the island. Surely, those who saw the viper hanging from Paul’s hands and that he did not swell up or die, as well as witnessed the healing of Publius’ father and the restoration of the other inhabitants – came to the conclusion that the Gospel is the power of God. What glory for Paul to be used by the Most High! Would you do the same?

They stayed there for three months, long enough to evangelize the entire place and lead people to believe in the Lord and obtain salvation. Whatever occurs to you on your journey should be received with joy and used for the glory of the Lord. Take the biblical examples, because God will repeat them in every generation. Don’t despair at the troublemakers in your field of interest; after all, you were put there to bear witness to the Truth. Amen?

May the Lord teach us to use every chance He gives us, for His mercies are endless (Lamentations 3.22b). Nothing bad will happen to us, because God truly loves His children. The Most High does not want us to enter Heaven empty-handed, but with wonderful works prepared by Him. Don’t live in a mad rush. The Father is the Commander of your mission. With Him you will always win.

It must have been beautiful when the inhabitants of the island went to Paul, taking the sick – and saw them healed. Such wonders must have been transmitted to thousands of people. As a result: they opened up to allow the Holy Spirit work in them. He who believes never murmurs against the Lord, but obeys Him in everything!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God and Father! Who could say that that storm of many days in the Mediterranean Sea - did not come from You? Not always what befalls us is from the devil or comes to destroy us. Sometimes it opens the doors that we so desperately need. You are tremendous!

The apostle didn't know of Your plan until he saw the viper clinging to his hand. In faith, he didn't pull it out violently, nor was he desperate about the consequences of the bite, but he brought his hand over the fire, until the reptile fell into the fire!

Then Paul offered to pray for Publius' father and healed him. Indeed, You were guiding Your son. Next, he healed the sick who were brought to him. You used him during his three months in Malta. We are grateful for Your plan for us!


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