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Thomas said to Him, “Lord, we do not know where You are going, and how can we know the way?” John 14:5

People demonstrate that they are not well or sure in faith by these signs: lack of enthusiasm, sarcasm in their words, in their looks and works, lack of time with the Lord and negligence in dealing with heavenly matters.  In this verse, Thomas’ inquiry sounds in jest, but in the end you could see that his faith in the Lord was perfect.  Therefore he doubted when his associates said that they had seen Jesus resurrected and was later admonished by Christ. 

From the moment that Cain had his offering refused, his facial expression drooped, but we do not know why his parents or even his brothers did not reprimand him.  This saddened his hardened heart, to the point of killing his brother (Genesis 4:6-8).  When we see someone with a saddened or worried look and having strange attitudes and reactions we must pray for them and with wisdom deliver them a word of exhortation, if this has come from the Almighty. 

The sudden departure of Achan to his tent, when Israel was ending their work in Jericho, after the fall of the wall, was not something usual.  He allowed the devil to use him and sometime later was responsible for Israel losing their battle against the little town of Ai. The golden wedge, a handful of silver and the garments from Babylon that filled his heart with greed made him perish along with his family (Joshua 7:24). How many have paid the same price?

If Samson had been kept sanctified he would have fulfilled the word of the Lord: that he would have freed Israel from the hands of the Philistines.  Nevertheless, because he was strong and invincible he did not keep ware and was conquered by a woman who had no limits or moral in betraying the man who had surrendered his heart to her (Judges 16:19,20).  In our days we have seen similar occurrences, and then divorce comes, the perdition of the children and defeat of him who should be God’s champion.

If Amnon, son of David, had not lusted for his sister Tamar and forced her he would have fulfilled his days on Earth and been a blessing for his people and perhaps for all humanity (2 Samuel 13:10-14).  If we must not lust for those in the world that use scandalous and indecent clothes, much more a sister who is part of our blood and holy before the Lord.  Keep vigil and pray not to fall into temptation and lose your crown. 

If Gehazi, the lustful evangelist had not lied and stolen part of the presents sent by the king of Syria to please Elisha who had healed Naaman, commander of the Syrian army maybe this nation might have been saved and would no longer disturb the people of God in those times. (2 Kings 5:20). An error today brings on many more pains for tomorrow.  If there is no true repentance a slight mistake may destroy the happiness of our sons and grandsons and even ours for eternity.

If Ananias who had a divided heart, had prayed to what was good and not taken advantage of the praises of men he could have been an example of someone  who loved the Lord.  But his lie against the Holy Spirit killed him (Acts 5:5). When you learn these testimonies, cry out to Him and flee from the evil that pursues you.  Live!

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Our true God! How many examples, in the very few we saw of people who did not keep vigil and consequently did not fulfill Your plan.  Saul was so stubborn that You expressed regret at having made him to be king.  Mercy!

We know that Jesus will return to take us to Your Kingdom.  Your goodness and kindness in saving us and convincing us daily of our errors shows Your love for us and how wonderful You are.  You love us, although we are undeserving!

We are on the way to live by Your side.  Your love will be the very same, but we cannot live in sin.  We must stand at Your right on the last Day and hear from Your lips that we are welcome. Amen!


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