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When the Pharisees saw this, they asked his disciples, “Why does your teacher eat with tax collectors and sinners?” Matthew 9.11

At the banquet offered by Matthew to Jesus, after he was invited to join the disciples of the Master, his friends and important people of the city were there. Among them were Pharisees who always questioned the Savior’s way of preaching and explaining the Word. In our days, many act like them, and without understanding the Scriptures, draw wrong conclusions. We must help them to believe in the Truth.

Religious people act contrary to the Holy Spirit, for they do not do their work in the fear of the Lord nor with His help. Christ did not complain about the presence of the Pharisees or having them at His side. In this day and age, it is necessary for the modern Pharisees to sit beside us in order to know the Word. As long as we are serving the Lord, we should welcome those He sends to examine us and learn how to do the divine work.

The Pharisees wanted to know why Jesus ate with publicans and sinners. Now, they did not understand that He had come to save the lost. There, everyone would learn how to behave with the lost ones present. That place became the most important classroom in the world, for what the Most High would speak would change the lives of those people. Never despise the opportunity to show in Whom you believe and Whom you serve!

He who does not have the Spirit of the Lord guiding him does not understand the reason to bow before God’s lordship over His work. We are servants, and we cannot choose whom to serve or who should sit next to us. Do not despair, if one day a murderer or any dangerous person stands before you. God knows how to honor those who honor Him (1 Samuel 2.30). In any situation, be calm and let the Holy Spirit use you (Luke 12.12). Be faithful to God!

Many followers of any religion are well-intentioned, but without divine direction, their work is dead. Being Omniscient, the Creator knows everything about everyone, including the deepest feelings of the heart. Understand: God expects us to be servants who will bring joy to Him, so be prepared to share God’s faith and love with others (1 Peter 3.15). Now, leading someone to Christ is one of the highest privileges!

The previous verse does not reveal whether the Pharisees were invited or whether they asked Levi to be present, because they were eager to meet Jesus. However, because they sat next to Him, they silenced and asked something of little relevance. The divine anointing will also silence those who come to us and realize that we are simple, friendly and anointed of God. As workers of the Almighty, we are instructed to bring the lost to Christ!

Never fail to give the divine message to a distressed soul, for tomorrow may be too late. Don’t betray the Lord because you think you can make a profit or get pleasure from someone. Remember that God is holy and His servant must be holy too (1 Peter 1.16). There will be a reward for those who are used by the Spirit of God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our Example! We who preach Your Word should mirror the testimonies given by Jesus, who only went to Matthew's house to speak of Your love and let the lost sit next to Him. 

We cannot choose who to talk to or stop the wicked from coming to us. We must lead them to salvation. Great responsibility and privilege You give us to beget children for You. Father, make us useful!

May we never despise those who come to us! Give us the anointing and wisdom to lead sinners to experience Your grace, which saves, delivers and heals. You have given us the chance to show You to our generation. Use us and protect us!


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