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“Yet I am the Lord your God Ever since the land of Egypt, And you shall know no God but Me; For there is no savior besides Me. Hosea 13:4

If God had been silent, for not speaking of Himself as sovereign Lord, one could complain that he did not understand His Word. However, we are talking about the One who is Perfect in His operations, Omniscient (knows everything with precision), Omnipotent (has all power) and is Omnipresent (is anywhere at the same time, seeing the events at their root). Even before the thought is formed, He already knows it.

Our finite mind cannot understand Him. However, in Heaven, we will know Him as we are known. What is in the material or spiritual world was conceived in the heart of God and accomplished by His Son, who later came to Earth to deliver us from eternal condemnation. He undid the curse that was upon us because of the fall of Adam. So we don’t have to subject ourselves to the devil.

The Lord’s confession about us is beautiful: I am the Lord your God. Knowing this, we should not be afraid of the evil that tries to shake us, but rather live in holiness, as children of the King of kings. He asks us: Be holy, because I am holy (1 Pet. 1:16). Then, we will walk with God, and He will fulfill His promises in our life. However, if there is sin, He cannot hear us. So be cautious and pray!

The Lord said that since the land of Egypt, when the Israelites lived as slaves and sought Him, He was their God. Without the death of one of the children of Israel, the Most High caused Moses to deliver them from captivity. Now, there is nothing to fear or to complain about. We need to walk beside the Lord to enjoy what Jesus provided in His death on Calvary’s cross. Do not accept living with something missing!

God’s care in telling the Israelites to only recognize Him as the only God had the following objective: they should not fall into the clutches of the devil, who, of course, wanted to take them back into captivity. Now, when the Savior came – and that was said hundreds of years before He was born – the power of Hell would be destroyed. If we remain firm in our faith in the Lord, keeping our focus on His recovered and finalized plan, we will be saved.

No thought, or spiritual strength, can be our Savior. Only Christ, who paid the price for our redemption. Now, all we have to do is believe in the Lord and exercise our rights to be forgiven, justified and healed. Thus, we will enjoy the abundant life brought by Him, using His holy Name.

Through Jesus, we have the chance to live free from sin and the filthy things that dominate the lost. Our life with our heavenly Father is bigger and better than our minds can imagine. We lack nothing. Everything is ours in God!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, our only Savior! Believing in Your Word, which guarantees answers to our prayers, we say that in You is our hope and faith. Therefore, we will never believe the liar and false lord.

Everything we are and have comes from You. Thus, we give You the glory of having saved us from the land of spiritual Egypt, where we did not know how to pray or turn to You. Now, we are satisfied to love You.

For what other Savior, if we have everything in Christ? Why pray to another being, if You answer and help us in times of need and loneliness? We are happy and thankful for allowing us to reach Your presence. Amen!


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