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I will sing of mercy and justice; To You, O LORD, I will sing praises. Psalm 101:1

There are things we should do strictly for the Lord, such as singing praises that exalt His mercy and righteousness. As you ask God for beautiful songs of His compassion in your life, they will spring into your heart, for you to offer Him this recognition in praise. He will also inspire you to sing about His judgment over the kingdom of darkness in order for you to be delivered. 

In the Scriptures we find many commands from Heaven, such as to love God only. In truth, He will not admit sharing His glory with any other (Isaiah 48:11). When man permits himself to be led by evil spirits, accepting temptations, he submits to the power of the devil, which will destroy him in short time. The Lord is jealous of us – has zeal for us -, because He paid a high price to redeem us.  The least hesitation of ours and the evil one will cause us damage.

If someone does not want to be involved with the devil, one must never pray to other entities. Furthermore, when crying out to God, he must do so in the Name of Jesus. Those who place their prayers to a past servant of the Almighty are not heard by it but only by the one who taught this: Satan. Any doctrine that is not biblical bears the cunning of this evil being, and those who use it become slave to him. 

The enemy was so daring that he proposed that Jesus should worship him. As he tempted the Master he said that he would give Him all that he had stolen from man. However, immediately Christ rebuked him, saying we must worship and adore God and serve only Him (Matthew 4:10). He who pays homage to, worships and adores, or prays to saints are not in accordance with the Word, and therefore serves the devil who led him to such practice.

We have to give the Almighty the tithes and offerings; otherwise we will be under a curse. Besides, we have to render unto Caesar what is his – taxes and tributes – or we sin (Luke 20:25). Those who withhold what belongs to others are barred from the mercy of the heavenly Father and deny the work of His Son, who delivered us from evil. Walk in sincerity and you will have the Lord at your side. 

Jesus taught that as we give bread to the poor, water to the thirsty, clothes to the naked and as we visit the prisoners and the sick, we do this to Him (Matthew 25:34-40). For the love of Christ, leave your home, goods and all things, because He promised that they who do this would receive 30, 60 and 100 times more in this life and full salvation for all eternity. As you understand the Gospel, you become a citizen of the Kingdom of Heaven, worthy of the grace of God and sharing in His righteousness.

Meditate on the Word and see what it says concerning you.  Consider the mercy render unto you as well as the righteousness undergone in Jesus for your salvation. Don’t surrender to any other the praises given to you. You must render them only to the Lord.  That no one may gain anything from them, because they have only to do with two people that love each other.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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God, wise Rewarder! It is better to trust our life to You. As we pay attention to You we will never be deceived, but those who refuse to listen to You will regret it. Your wonder power will work in favor of those that honor You and seek Your eternal glory.

We have motive to sing about Your mercy and righteousness. In them we will never be confounded. Your mercies have preserved and protected us from destruction. They protect us from the forces of evil. 

You have delivered us from the fall of Adam. Therefore today we believe that You will always be with us; after all, we are part of Your Body. We thank You for having loved us, and for this reason we love You. Who would we be if You had not sent us Your Son?


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