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Therefore, if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, Matthew 5.23

The statement begins in the conditional, because not everyone has the practice of putting their life on the altar and giving it up as a major offering to the Almighty. Those who do not give themselves completely to the Lord can never discern the Spirit’s rebuke of their acts of wickedness toward someone. Now, those who act in this way will be brought to Judgment. Whoever feels the touch of God and delivers an offering on the Lord’s altar must follow the other divine instructions yet to be given.

When you harm a person, you are in their hands. Now, it is not enough to talk to God about your transgression and ask for His forgiveness; you must seek the person you have wronged and tell her about it, and be truthful. At this point, it doesn’t matter who did wrong – you or the other person – but rather that the friendship is reestablished without any grudge or sadness. Pray and act correctly!

No wonder the Scriptures declare that it is good for brothers to live in unity (Psalm 133). Remember that strife among them causes prayers not to be answered, for God abhors discord (Proverbs 6.16-19). We can say that if someone was sad with us, the Father was sad with both of parties involved. Whoever has learned to forgive, but has closed his heart to the offender, has sealed the door to Heaven for himself and for the other (Mark 11.25; Colossians 3.13). It’s not good that this door be closed, for where will we find refuge, fortress and help?

There is nothing better than to meet with someone who is hurt by us and explain our reasons to them, and they will tell us theirs. Many times, we will come to the logical conclusion that the devil has made us act contrary to the Father’s will. Then, with the Lord’s help, we can recompose ourselves and live without giving in to the evil one (Ephesians 4.27). Why should we act wrongly, giving way to the enemy? We belong to God. To Him be glory always!

When you talk to someone who is upset with you, be sincere; love is strong as death (Song of Songs 8.6). That person may be full of hate, but if you are full of love, you will both be winners. In the real fight, the one who will triumph is not you or him alone, but both of you because both of you know the Word. Never let anger stay in your heart, get rid of it before the sun sets (Ephesians 4.26). Be delivered now!

Many divorces would be avoided if couples would get together, open their hearts and speak the truth. The same would happen with partners in a company, God’s workers, friends and people who can no longer tolerate each other. We are sociable beings, so loneliness harms us a lot. Pray to the Lord and ask for His help to get right with those you have hurt. God is love and peace!

When you remember me, pray for my life. If someone tells you something that makes you think badly of this servant of the Lord, think of the good things that God has allowed us to experience in His presence and you will realize that I am just like you. Although you have confessed only part of your error, God will grant you forgiveness when you open your heart. Don’t let the devil use you!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God of our remembrance! We are difficult beings to deal with, but we cannot resist a single one of Your touches. So, we confess our sins and get rid of all that we have done by not watching. Thank You for Your goodness and Your love!

We left our life and reputation on Your altar in order to seek out those whom we had wronged and didn't even remember, not giving them the attention and reparation, they deserved. From now on, let's face reality, even if we are embarrassed or ashamed!

Protect our lives! As we are touched by Your Spirit, we will go to the person who has something against us. We want to live as You wish, without giving place to the enemy. Help us to glorify You at all times, for You are our Life!


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