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Blessed are you who sow beside all waters, Who send out freely the feet of the ox and the donkey. Isaiah 32.20

Your greatest loss comes upon you when you disconnect from what God speaks through them that preach the Word. In moments like these, he prophesies concerning things of great importance to the congregation, whether small or large.  The Lord says that people are corrupted and perish when there is no prophesy (Proverbs 29.18), which is why He uses His servants to show them the error of their ways.  Always keep alert to the biblical message.

Those that listen carefully understand what God says and meditate concerning His message. Others practice biblical studies concerning what was revealed to them and therefore become successful in their walk in faith. Ever since creation, the Lord uses His servants to talk to everyone, but some do not make use of this precious time.  As you hear the Most High, you become like Abraham who four thousand years ago, left his homeland to go to a place that God had showed him and he was successful!

Your attention during the sermon must be totally absorbing for as the waters are stirred – the revelations of the Word – , the pastor carries out and accomplishes his mission.  As he delivers the message, his part is terminated, and those who heard him must be armed and equipped to win battles. When the message is delivered, sow your faith, declaring your mission and taking hold of that which you believed.  Those who act accordingly will be truly blessed!

When the waters are stirred by the angel of the church, be the first to submit to them, in order to be healed of any evil. It is true that Jesus responds to those who cannot do this and heals them, but one day the paralytic that was next to the pool of Bethesda was the only one to be healed (John 5:2-9).  The stirring of the waters might be something that only you see, feel or are led to believe.  This is your moment to cast your net on the Word.  Therefore, as you perceive that something is holy, obey the Lord and execute what He says!       

One must lend freedom to the ox and to the donkey, animals that help one to till the soil.  If during the sermon, you feel that you have been erring or have not done what you should, pray and seek forgiveness for your errors, promising that you will no longer allow the devil to cover you with sufferings, suggestions or temptations. Then let the Holy Spirit move in your life and lay hold of your blessing!

To give freedom is to open your heart and lay hold of what was taught to you.  No doubt the Lord will speak to you because first and foremost He desires that you succeed in all things and enjoy health (3 John 1:2). However, this heavenly desire comes when your soul is prosperous and filled with revelations, which you use to please God.  The listener who neglects will also be neglected.  Pay attention to the stirring of the waters!

To be blessed will work great good to your life.  The church, the friends, your family and others need you to obey God in every way.  This is the response from the Most High to the prayer from the pastor and the congregation.  Do not be a rebel because rebellion does not come from Heaven. Be sanctified in order to be an instrument of the Lord tomorrow!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord! Many stayed by the pool of Bethesda, waiting for the stirring of the waters.  But when Your Son arrived, the miracle happened, because the true waters moved in the direction of those whom He looked upon. 

Now the waters that heal and run gently like the waters of Siloh are stirred by You and can be responsive to those that are in need.  Therefore I pray that this person may hear Your voice, which is like that of many waters, and be healed. 

Father, we give freedom to the feet of the ox and the donkey, as we believe the time has come for us to take our position in Christ.  Nothing will prevent us from feeling Your movement; therefore we rebuke Satan and declare ourselves to be delivered.


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