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O Israel, you are destroyed, But your help is from Me. Hosea 13:9

Sometimes, I try to imagine what´s going on in the heart of those who have not yet been saved and I say: “This cannot be this way”. Did the person who did not do the same thing I did when I was six years old lack understanding, or did I accept Jesus out of fear of going to Hell? One thing is certain: thinking about that completely disturbed me. Why postpone life’s most important decision?

What moves the Lord? Why exert such great effort to send people to speak of His love to the lost? Many stop think of themselves or don´t pursue a promising career, which would give them more resources when older. The reason people dedicate their life to the Most High fascinates me – I, myself, am one of those who listened to Him. Jesus is so beautiful!

Are we so precious to God that His love is worth all the struggle to open the eyes of the ungodly? These questions help, but until we reach Heaven, the world of perfection, we will not understand the heart of the beloved Father. In the highlighted verse, you can have a glimpse of what makes the Lord work so hard to avoid someone’s condemnation.

There is no other way to solve this issue. God could not have issued a decree, in which He would say that everyone is already saved, regardless of their lifestyle. Now, condemnation is eternal, and there will be no second chances. Whoever leaves it for later, will realize how wrong they were in doing that. Believe: the Lord works in our favor, because He is love.

The Israelites’ rebellion would not cause a problem to the Most High, except the sorrow for their bad decision; after all, the loss would be completely theirs. Whoever refuses to accept Jesus as Savior is like a little child who breaks free from the protective hands of his parents in order to cross a highway with speeding cars. They don’t understand the danger or know what they will lose if they die at that moment. 

Are you prepared to meet the Lord, or you think you are so insignificant that He doesn’t care about you? That is not true. You were made in the image and likeness of God, who planned many blessings for your life. Because of Adam’s sin, mankind was separated from the Creator; therefore, if you are not born again, you will never have contact with Him.

The new birth is more than the union of the person with the Almighty; it is the recreation of the true being. Jesus declared that if anyone is not born again, he will never see the Kingdom of Heaven or enter it (John 3: 5,5). Without such experience, you will not experience the happiness of the Kingdom of perfection. Do you want to know the Lord as you are known by Him? (1 Corinthians 8:3)!

In Christ, with love,

R. R Soares

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Lord that restores! I would like to have more time here to say more about eternal life, the rebirth of human beings to be happy and live by Your side, enjoying the wonders You prepared!

Hosea was used to warn the Israelites that they were in danger, that they would not go to Heaven and, consequently, would dwell in eternal doom. I want to go to all the people in the world to talk about Your immense and wonderful love.

Humanity will be lost if we do not have the conditions and anointing to open its eyes. People do not understand how much they will suffer simply because they do not know how to be born again. Help us to give them this important guidance. Amen!


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