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31/05/2022 - SPECIFIC ORDERS

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Come now, therefore, and I will send you to Pharaoh that you may bring My people, the children of Israel, out of Egypt.”  Exodus 3:10

God was not entertaining just any 80-year-old man, but was talking to the one He had accompanied long before his conception, saying that the time for war had come, God’s war. Moses listened dumbfounded to what the Lord was saying, not knowing how to respond. The moments of the decisions he made 40 years ago passed through his mind, when he no longer wanted to be called the son of Pharaoh’s daughter, but one of his people (Hebrews 11:24-26).

Now, some situations did fit. How could the God of Abraham not care about the Hebrews in hard bondage? After all, all he had heard about his ancestors was that the Most High had chosen them, but had forsaken them at the hands of the wicked Pharaohs of Egypt, which was the world’s largest empire at the time. No matter the size of the challenge, the Father knows how to prepare His people for battle. Just follow the instructions and win. God is faithful!

At a certain point, stunned by the Lord’s explanations, Moses trembled: he was told that the time had come to be sent to Pharaoh. He knew how everything worked in the land of the Nile. For sure, the potentate of Egypt would not allow his servants to go freely with just a “soft talk”. When he heard that he would talk to the ruler, several things crossed his mind. One of them was that, years before, he had been on the hook for the egyptian he had killed. And now?

Since he had been instructed in every art and had received the training intended for Egyptian nobles, the “Taken from the Waters” tried to use diplomacy with the Most High, but it didn’t work. Moses had been prepared by God during the 40 years of his escape. What he learned in the “university” in Egypt was no good for the divine work, but what he learned in the lonely nights with the flock was valuable. However, diplomatically, he gave excuses that were not accepted.

There was an important detail in his call. If he went to Egypt on his own, he might not even come back alive. However, if he was sent by the Lord, he would come out victoriously. Even so, his training convinced him that his stay there would not be easy, and convincing the potentate of the greatest country in the world was impossible. Who would willingly allow his slaves to leave overnight – for free? That would stop that country. Poor Moses!

The divine order was clear. Moses would not convince Pharaoh, but he would get the people out. How? The risks were enormous. It was impossible to make the exodus without using a force of war, but the greatest force in the Universe would be used – divine power. At a time like this, the one who has been called thinks that he has been chosen as a martyr and that his life will be taken at the first attempt. What to do if God has summoned you?

In the following verses, we see Moses trying to convince the Lord to look for another. However, God gave him a lesson of true diplomacy. Without a single Israelite dying, the people would come out and with great wealth, dispossessing the Egyptians. The deliverer would only have to follow the plans as given to him. Never be afraid to serve the Lord!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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God, Author of true diplomacy! What a struggle Your servant faced! But to do Your work must have been his declaration, when he was already on the other side of the Red Sea. Your power acted with millimetric precision, making everything work out. You are beautiful!

It is useless for man to beg You to choose someone else. We are the ones You will use in the making of Your work. We cannot compare ourselves to anyone else. Who are we and what can we do without Your help? Your power is greater than everything. Thank You, Lord!

As Moses was prepared and did not let You down, we are also enabled and will not trouble You. We will be guided in peace to use the anointing upon our calling. Give us the freedom of Your children; in You, we will do exploits!


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