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He sends the springs into the valleys; they flow among the hills. Psalm 104:10

When we speak of the works of the Most High, it’s a sign that we are being enlightened by Him. His works, besides touching us, provide valuable lessons that not only bring joy but also the assurance that we are not alone. Well, if God operates a miracle in our midst, it’s a sign that He wants to do other things as well. Whatever comes from our Father should be received as true proof of love.  

The fact that God sends the springs into the valleys demonstrates His preoccupation about our future. After all, without water, the land won’t produce any food, which is indispensable. The truth is: if you look around, your eyes will be delighted with the abundance of care and love from such a special and fantastic Being. He sees His children with joy and takes pleasure in declaring that He truly is their Father!

You can say that the works of the Most High benefit your life and show that He wants you to be fulfilled in all things and free from sin and its consequences. Look to the Bible as a demonstration of who Your Father is; He wants to fill you with blessings. Until when will the Lord have to rebuke you? Well, without His care, you would be lost!

Pay attention to all the good things that happen to you; they aren’t mere coincidence, but the hand of the Lord operating so you will have an abundant life. Nothing comes your way by accident; everything comes with the help of the Master, so you would enjoy all things. By accepting His call, He will take care of everything!

Stay vigilant! By doing that, the enemy won’t ever be victorious in your life, nor will he harden his heart to the point of making you insensitive to the touch of the Holy Spirit. Certainly, God will guide you in both simple and complex situations. People who don’t give the Most High the right to guide them aren’t prepared to win battles. It is sad to see Christians who “know everything”, but are nothing but religious people who don’t know the Lord. Be thankful to Him!

The Savior’s last order, before going back to heaven, was that His apostles would go around the world preaching the gospel and teaching people to keep His commandments (Matthew 28:19,20). Nothing gives the Lord greater joy than seeing new believers learning to live their lives according to the Word. He has always given His children very important lessons.

It doesn’t matter who you are; look to the Scriptures for a survival guide with directions from the Almighty One. Without a doubt, such orientations will cause new believers to follow the right path to celestial Jerusalem. The Lord doesn’t want you to stumble in life. 

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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God, our Provider! The way You care for us provides everything we need while living on earth. If we walk with You, we will lack nothing. We thank You for Your zeal, for it is proof that You are our Father!

We want to be dependent on Your love. Thank You for truly loving us, which makes us very joyful. You will never leave or forsake us. We praise You for that, Lord!

We long to see the springs in the valleys, flowing among the hills and providing all that’s necessary so we will have the abundant life that’s available in Christ. We ask You will make us understand Your holy and good will!


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