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He sits in the lurking places of the villages; In the secret places he murders the innocent; His eyes are secretly fixed on the helpless. Psalms 10:8

The Bible compares the wicked to a wild predator. Just like the animal, they sneak into places where they can camouflage, and when the opportunity to surprise someone arises, they strike in a deadly way. Sometimes, the tactic is to informally speak to the target, analyzing how to approach the “prey” and then strike them financially, morally or in some other area, in order to obtain success.

The strategy of the wicked to destroy the unsuspecting, those who’re not worried about the evil one’s capacity, is almost perfect. After satisfying his instincts, the evil one says he sees no problem in what he’s doing. Unfortunately, the world is full of these people, who trivialize the damage that’s caused in those who believe in the evil one’s talks. Therefore, we must be watch and pray at all times.

The evil nature of the wicked causes them to hide in the lurking places of the villages, in the seat of the scornful and wherever else it is possible to study people and later apply evil plans. The predator is certainly waiting for the reckless, for the righteous quickly prove that they won’t be easily captured. A wild instinct can be seen in those who lost their love for God and who are servants of the enemy. May the Lord have mercy on them!

To negotiate with unrighteous people is to always lose, because their desire to constantly want more will lead them to trick those who are unprepared. Once the prey is before him, the “hunter” doesn’t consider the loss he could cause to the prey or to its family. There are wicked people everywhere, and the worst thing is that some are friendly and kind, when they are actually ambassadors of the kingdom of wickedness. Lord have mercy!

Day and night, the wicked fix their eyes on those who are close to them. Even if there are several options of “prey”, they prefer the poor, who can’t say “no” and who can’t see the tricks of darkness! Honest people can’t understand those who take advantage of others. But unfortunately, it happens everywhere. Help us, Lord!

When you feel you’re a victim of someone dangerous, flee from the traps of wickedness. It is good to live in the presence of God, Satan and his deadly nature won’t use someone to attack you. Those who live in the spirit will be guided by the Lord when the enemy draws near. In order not to be fooled by the devil, meditate on the Word. That way you will be kept away from evil.

Watch out for the wicked, for they won’t go to sleep without harming those who aren’t vigilant against their actions. When some danger draws near, remember what you’ve learned at church and read in the Bible. The Lord will help you in everything. With Jesus, you will have excellent results. God be with you!

In Christ, with love,

Dr. Soares

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Oh Father! It doesn’t matter how the devil uses people to attack us. If You will warn us, we will find a way out. May we abide in You! That way, the wicked will never surround us with wickedness. Rescue us, Lord!

You are the Truth and You see things as they are; therefore, You never commit mistakes. To partner with the wicked means, to the least, to ignore Your lessons. Teach us to recognize people with bad intentions, even through a fake smile.

If we abide in Christ, and His words abide in us, we should just make honest requests and we will be heard. May Your presence and Your love be like a lighthouse watching over those who make plans to destroy us. We long to live closer to You!


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