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Then the multitude came together again, so that they could not so much as eat bread. Mark 3:20

Do not go after success, but let the Lord bring it to you, because when something comes from Him, it is certainly pure and eternal. What is born of man almost always has bad origin, since the motivation of its conception may have been competition, greed or another evil intent. Thus, it will not be accepted by God, as Jesus said: I do not receive testimony from man (John 5:34). Everything has to come from Above.

Take advantage of the opportunities, even during a temptation, to say no to evil and consecrate yourself to God. One must always be ready to learn about the Word and make use of it, strengthening themselves in the heavenly Father and His power. Thus, you will carry out the divine will. Upon deciding to do the work of God, strive to fulfill it. Thus, you will have a blessed ministry.

The order for the saved is: make disciples in all nations (Mark 28:19). You do not have to be a professional preacher to fulfill this verse, so wherever you go, make apprentices for the Master. By doing this, you will make a great contribution to the divine work and society. Those who learn from Jesus become better servants and citizens. The disciples of the Lord are to be true blessings to the saved and the lost.

He who fears God will never do any injustice, whether in the church or in the world, because everything he does will be done within the limits of the Holy Scripture. The servants of God will never serve the devil. They will fulfill the mission given to them just as David, who, though persecuted by Saul, spared the king’s life. The son of Jesse knew that one cannot lay hands on the Lord’s anointed (1 Samuel 26:9). Respect the Most High!

The Christian must also not commit adultery, possessing the spouse of the employer or employee, nor of strangers. We must follow the example of Joseph of Egypt (Genesis 39: 7-21). If he were weak in mind, he would see on the offer of Potiphar’s wife an opportunity to delight himself in pleasures of the flesh. However, the fear of God spoke louder in his heart, and Joseph did not slander that woman nor give in to temptation. Waiting for divine justice is the best you can do. Fear Him and live!

Why desire someone´s calling of, if the Most High is the one who plans and gives the best for each one? The person that submits to Him will achieve true success without any sorrow (Proverbs 10:22). Be careful not to obey the devil, because if this happens, you and your people will suffer. He who believes in Jesus is saved, as well as his house, but those who depart from Him will suffer, and so will their family. Would you like to see evil come into your family?

God may seem to be late, but He will never be blamed for giving a task to someone who is not prepared. Jesus’ success came about because of His surrender to the Father’s plan. Everything that the Master did came from God, as He Himself said:  I can of Myself do nothing. [….] because I do not seek My own will but the will of the Father who sent Me (John 5:30). This is the recipe for victory!

In Christ, with love,

R. R. Soares

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Father! One of the great lessons that Jesus has given us is to believe that You are in leading Your work. Therefore, we must wait for Your directions, lest we do what You have not prepared for us. Otherwise, we will work in vain.

We want to be where You send us, not anywhere else in the world. Walking next to we will succeed. But if we work without Your help, one day, we will be accountable for the waste of time and resources.

There will always be a house, a city or a country, where, if we are under Your guidance, success will be inevitable. Then we will see souls yielding at Your feet. Let no one have reason to speak bad of us! You will be glorified in our actions!


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