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And he gave them their request; but sent leanness into their soul. Psalm 106:15

What we think is best for us is not always the best for us.  If we want to hear and listen to the Lord we have everything to learn from Him.  This, undoubtedly, will be something never imagined or even desired by us.  We must learn from Whom is good, complete and perfect.  That which the heart desires is not always what God has for us.  Why give up the blessing prepared by the Almighty for His sons for something that will not even compare or come close to His will?

The Israelites wanted to eat meet, but in the desert where they lived this could be a trap.  Maybe they would not survive the weather conditions and problems would arise in their journey.  In its composition, manna possessed the nutritional properties necessary for them to live those 40 years of trials.  In those years, going through the worst places, they never suffered a thing. 

Be content with the bread offered by the Almighty and flee from the advice of the “wise”.  After all, if you want to be a winner, never try anything not approved by God.  Those who tasted the pleasures of the world taste of the same “food” prescribed by philosophical “diets”.  Compare the men used by the Lord to preach us the Word to those who pondered about the death of God and other aberrations.  There is no comparison!

Nietzsche was a son to evangelical preachers, but he exchanged the prescriptions from Heaven for one offered by the devil.  On confirming that what he had said was a lie, he decided to kill himself.  In the same way, the man who created positivism, August Comte: on seeing his wife had left him, he went insane.  Now the servants of the Lord were jailed and tortured for preaching the Truth, like Jeremiah, and everything that they had said was fulfilled.  Those who insist on lies will see their souls turn lean.

The list of people who turned their backs to the Lord is extensive, and you will not find one that was happy for having embraced a lie.  Lavoisier affirmed that he would not give 50 years for Christianity to be eradicated from  the face of t he Earth; however when the fifty years had passed since he had said this, the International Bible Society opened a branch inside his house. As Jesus said, “The gates of Hell will not prevail against the church.”(Matthew 16:18)  Awaken while there is still time!

The truth is that those who are wise still seek for the Lord, but the fools reject Him.  Never allow the devil to destroy your life, because you can go to Heaven and enjoy all that the Creator is and has done in favor of those who love Him.  Be sensible and turn back to God, who created you and has kept you to this day.  If it were not for Him, you wouldn’t even be here or be reading this message.  God has much more for you than you have need for.  So, act!

One of these days, Jesus will return to take those who trusted in Him.  Do you want to go up with Him? Today is the day of the most productive and wisest decision in your life.  With Christ, your joy will be complete and permanent.  Those who forego this decision will later be despaired with the return of the Son of God, for they will discover that there is no time left to be saved!

In Christ, with Love, 

R. R. Soares

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Father, true Guide! There are people crying out right now, saying they decided to receive Your Son as Savior and Lord.  I pray and plea for them.  That my readers praying with me right now, may receive salvation and the forgiveness of their sins. 

These lives are like sprouts that You cultivate for Your Kingdom.  I thank You for them.  Many were delaying their decisions, but now, some even with tears in their eyes, love and fear, are asking You for forgiveness and to be delivered from worldly practices. 

Many people, until just recently, were living and dying in their temptations, but today are being made pure, forgiven and are able to call You Father, to love You and live by Your side.  Thank You, Lord!


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