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He teaches my hands to make war, So that my arms can bend a bow of bronze. Psalm 18:34

The preparation and teaching that the Lord desires to work in our lives is larger than we can imagine.  Because He is perfect, the Lord knows the loss incurred by the fall at Eden and will teach us everything in detail.   God knows the capacity of evil to tempt man.  Therefore He is the only one able to teach our hands to do battle and to always win! 

All that we are and own came from the Father.  Therefore man has to learn with God how to fulfill divine will.  Accordingly God will give you the abilities for combat.  Otherwise, you will not serve the great works.  This training comes from the Word and the problems which we live through, which are opportunities to strengthen and edify us. 

The Spirit of God impelled Samson to the enemy camp (Judges 13:25).  Likewise, we face up to many things that are permitted for us to obtain our victories over them and prepare ourselves for the greater battles.  Before sending His son to preach the Gospel, the Holy Spirit took him to the desert, in order to be tempted by the devil.  In the 40 days that He spent there, the Savior was equipped and prepared for our day of redemption.  The Teacher has declared that we will never lose any battle.  Let the Lord enable you.

It is of no matter what type conflict you are in.  If you are in sanctity and prepared by the Almighty, you are in condition to obtain victory.  However, do not do like the sons of Ephraim, that although they were armed with bows, retreated and displeased the Lord.  Be often in the house of God, read the Bible daily, and get involved passionately with the mission entrusted by God.  You will succeed!

One of the strategies of the enemy is to lie, because he knows how much a person who does not trust God entirely is weak in faith.  If you perceive you will not succeed victoriously in a fight, remember the teachings of the Scriptures; face the enemy with the greatest of ease and demand that he and his evils leave.  Do this in the name of Jesus!   Trust and you will see that truly God is a good Teacher.

God’s teaching and training is so good and perfect that David’s arms broke a copper bow.  This means that no scheme or thrust of the devil will resist the power of the Lord.  Even if the combat seems to be intense, enounce your command and believe in the fulfillment of what you have determined.  The condition for you to be victorious is to obey the Word.  God is with you, my friend!

Let the enemies come, the problems or the bows of copper and steel! What is important and matters is if you use or not the authority in God.  Every time something happens to you, do not go to the Lord for Him to teach you.  From the moment you were converted and declared son of the Almighty, He has been enabling you with skill and power.

In Christ, with Love,

R. R. Soares

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Lord, the perfect Trainer! It is always good to hear Your word and believe it has the power to guard and to use us.  Now, in the Name of Jesus, we break the bows sent by the devil to defeat us.  You have declared us to be delivered from evils!

Send us all to the battle fields and make each one of us what You always wanted us to be.  We cannot ignore the opportunities to show the training we had of Your wisdom, Your power and Your hopeful goodness.  The glory is Yours!

We can do the same works that were done by Christ, in Your Name, so that You will  be glorified in the Son.  Being always in Your presence, we will be used.  Forgive us, fill us with life and help us to use Your heavenly weapons!


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